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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Insurance for your furry friends

Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby goreu » Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:59 pm

Pet insurance is a minefield and all of the online reviews are awful!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby abban » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:08 pm

Pet insurance is a minefield and all of the online reviews are awful!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I reside in England and insure both my dogs with Petplan on their £12,000 maximum benefit for veterinary treatment cover for life policy. On renewal of the policy a dog can receive ongoing treatment for the same condition, claims are settled quickly without any attempt to avoid paying out, depending on the local veterinary or referral practice, it may be possible to claim direct which means the insurance provider pays the money owed directly to the veterinary practice and the owner does not have to find the money.

The benefit is that should at any stage in its life a dog be diagnosed with cancer, peritonitis, hip dysplasia, an ongoing medical condition such as hypothyroidism or diabetes, I don't have to take on a repayable debt to finance treatment or make the heartbreaking decision to end the dog's life because the money is not in the bank or the saved amount it far short of what is needed.

As examples using my current Dobermann b*tch:

- Septic peritonitis in 2011 used the maximum benefit and I financed almost £2,000.
- Total hip replacement for two hips cost £10,000
- Ruptured cruciate cost approximately £3,000 + hydrotherapy

It is beneficial to my b*tch because she has the treatment that is in her best interest where there is a realistic prospect of a successful outcome and I have little or no debt to finance it.

With regard to the pet insurance provider read the small print as some will not continue to pay out on the same condition when the policy is renewed and the maximum benefit – for example it is set low at £4,000 and would not cover a hip replacement surgery at today's prices. A word of caution would be to consider one of the larger established providers because consider the pickle Halifax pet insurance policy holders are in now following the decision to discontinue insurance because it was not profitable.

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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby crist » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:13 pm

I have my dogs insured through there vets. I'm with abbey vets and they do there own pet insurance. All treatments, illness and injuries are cover. I pay £13 for my pom and £19 for my collie cross a month.

They DONT provide cover for pregnancies or complications from pregnancies, neutering (they do however provide resonable priced neutering), microchipping, anything cosmetic or anal gland emptying among others.

They DO provide monthly flea and worm treatment and yearly booster. If for example your dog has a nasty break to its leg, you pay the excess fee £55 at the vets there an then. Then ANY treatment, medicines, procedures, examination are covered until the pet is healthy again no matter how long it takes. You dont have to pay any costs up front apart from the excess fee, unlike other insurance companies.

As you can tell i am really impressed with insurance! Lol

Not sure if you have a abbey vets near you? If you do check out there website tells you all about it on there

Good luck x x x
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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby harry42 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:21 pm

My girl is on a premium one with animal friends. I get £7000 per condition per year, then if the condition is still ongoing the next year i get another £7000 for it and so on for the rest of the dogs life as long as i keep paying the premiums of course. There is no life time claim amount and no time limit on claims, as some covers i was looking at would only cover a condition for a year then you could not make any other claims on it and some had a life time limit for the dog so once you claim that you cant caim to anything else. My excess is £66. Glad i got it as i just had a £1600 vet bill, i payed the £66 and they payed the vet directly (they will either pay you the money if you pay the vet of they will pay the vet direct). It was more expensive the the basic covers you can get but i feel its worth the extra money to get more cover.
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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby melvon18 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:26 pm

Both my dogs are insured with Direct Line pet insurance.
I have never had a problem with them paying out and the cover is ongoing up to £6,000 for each new condition. The excess on each condition is £80. They seem quite competitive with their premiums.
I do hear that PetPlan is also a good company.
Yes, I do agree pet insurance is a minefield these days!!
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Is your dog insured? And if so who with?

Postby cornelius » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:35 pm

It seems to be somewhat of a scam here. I have none of my pets insured... Here is me: http://zoocrewkids.blogspot.com/
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