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Do You Know How Many Of The Roughly 315.4 Million Citizens Of Usa Are Living Off Of Less Than $5.50 A Day?

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Do You Know How Many Of The Roughly 315.4 Million Citizens Of Usa Are Living Off Of Less Than $5.50 A Day?

Postby rameez » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:56 am

A. 315.4 legal citizens

B. Available Workforce 238.4 million

C. 77 million who will not be in the Workforce arena

D. Guesstimate plus or minus payroll or jobs with income plus full & part time & 1099 workers no company benefits totals active in USA 120 million.

E Do you have to be Einstein to see 118m with no job + 77m who also don't work to 195m poor citizens?

F. By the way Yahoo Geniuses 85% of the human race lives in poverty on less than $5.50 a day over 185 million in USA also globally.every day near 45% of 7 billion population live on less than $2.50 a day.

Who's idea of this is, it's the best we can do or everything is good as it gets with the Global elites at the helm of rule & control starting with the money? Especially when all nations currencies are really paper & ink "FIAT" money under the World Banking system!

The Republicans & other members of Representative govt want to sequester programs for poor & public, I say B/S it's time for Sequestration too the Capitalist Business Community in the immediate form of "Deflation" on everything being bought & sold with price freezing etc.

Very important message out of all this, "IT'S A MISTAKE TO CONTINUE GLOBAL RULE & CONTROL STARTING WITH MONEY" of/by/for the FEW! It's created 7 billion humans where over 85% live in poverty.

Rule & control plus ownerships needs to be in the equal hands of each nations citizenship over money,business & govt or "REAL DEMOCRACY" nobody in the industrialized world has ever had.
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Do You Know How Many Of The Roughly 315.4 Million Citizens Of Usa Are Living Off Of Less Than $5.50 A Day?

Postby camille » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:47 am

How much is $5.50 a day?

I'm not sure, but I think it is about $14.40 an HOUR, plus full medical insurance.

~ ~

How can a woman, with no education, no work experience, minor health problems, make $14.40 per hour, plus have a fully paid medical insurance plan, with virtually no co-pays?

Go on welfare.

How much does a welfare family of 3 have in income?

$21,996 per year.

If she were working she would have to earn at least $30,000 per year - probably more.

That is $14.40 per hour, plus full, employer paid medical insurance.

There are a lot of variables.

I choose Washington state, and have the children both under age five. The woman is paying $250 rent, and I did not count anything for HUD or section 8.

I assumed that the woman lived with family members and paid them $250 rent and help with the utilities a little - maybe $50 per month.

If she were getting housing help, it could easily increase another $5000 per year.

If she were in a work program, she would have day care, and that would increase her welfare benefits.

To keep it simple, I assumed the woman is claiming a disability and exempted from the work program.

A family of three, with no income, would receive a monthly TANF grant of $478. http://www.dshs.wa.gov/onlinecso/tanf_su...

Based on rent of $250?????.food stamps would be $526.00 http://foodhelp.wa.gov/bf_benefit_estima...

LIHEAP (energy assistance would be $1000 per year, $83.00 per month. http://www.liheap.ncat.org/profiles/WA.h...

WIC (children to age 5) Washington average monthly benefit $41.64 x 2 = $83.28


The average cost of Medicaid for one adult and two children $663.66


The total of these benefits is $1833 per month.

Net of $21,996 per year.

Someone earning $30,000 per year, (plus full medical insurance ? employer paid), who nets 74% would have this income.

~ ~ ~

Or, that same woman could have one SSI child, developementally delayed, or other mental behavioural issue, and do even better, since SSI for one child is $710 per month.

SSI - the new welfare.

~ ~ ~ quote

Most children receiving SSI (hereafter referred to as "SSI children") lived in a family headed by a single mother, and less than one in three lived with both parents. A very high proportion, about half, were living in a household with at least one other individual reported to have had a disability. About 70 percent of children received some kind of special education.

SSI support was the most important source of family income, with earnings a close second. On average, SSI payments accounted for nearly half of the income for the children's families, and earnings accounted for almost 40 percent.

The Social Security Administration's administrative records contain only a limited amount of information about disability diagnoses. The data suggest that a great degree of variation in severity exists within the childhood caseload, as reflected in reports of the presence or absence of six functional limitations, perceived overall health status, and perceived impact of disability on the child's ability to do things. Overall, 36 percent of the children were reported to have had disabilities that affected their abilities to do things "a great deal," and for 21 percent their difficulties had very little or no impact. Physical disabilities were most common among children aged 0 to 5, and mental disabilities dominated the picture for the other two age groups: 6 to 12 and 13 to 17.

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Do You Know How Many Of The Roughly 315.4 Million Citizens Of Usa Are Living Off Of Less Than $5.50 A Day?

Postby Garret » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:12 am

That is what empires do, then they fall.

let me do some maths here,,

My Grandmother, who died ten years ago lived on $8.60 a day.

I am retired now and live on, $20.89 a day.

I am RICH!
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