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Do You Believe That Persons Who Hire Illegal Workers Should Be Punished?

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Do You Believe That Persons Who Hire Illegal Workers Should Be Punished?

Postby Feldun » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:57 am

So far all I ever hear about is how people immigrate into the US and other countries, get paid in cash, do not pay state and local taxes, do not pay for health insurance but receive state funded health care from hospitals and clinics, receive driver's licenses with fake Social Security cards, and have a type of immunity to prosecution and different classification under the law as opposed to citizens. All of this angers me and many others.

What about the companies that receive state and federal aid and continue to practice illegal hiring? "They pay'em in cash, you know," one of the cleaners told me that grew up in the area. "They are letting all the local people go. It's all the illegals. Cash under the table. That's why there's no petty cash and no cash for the registers. Managers are playing them out of the drawers and writing it off as losses."

This has to be the sleaziest thing in this country. I would hope that people like that would be punished to the fullest possible extent of the law. In many cases they are not. It's like indentured servitude all over again, one step short of the return of slavery.

The slave owners, excuse me, the management, is engaged in criminal activities that no judge in no courtroom is ready to prosecute.

It affects every business from the local companies to the global corporations. They all do it, to save money.

What did Ivan Boesky say before he went to prison. "If it saves money and its not illegal, do it."

So we send men and women to die half way around the world to fight a so called "War on Terrorism." We shoot a man who used to work for the CIA to death in a Jack Ruby style shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Its not a War on Terrorism we are fighting because the terrorists are running the companies in this country and committing terrorism on the American people in which they steal and murder us every day with their theft and their their poisons.

If we really want to win the so called War on Terrorism we need to move the Navy Seals from the Middle East, to Middle America. The Navy Seals need to surround the slave owners and slave traders at Vain Capital, InFidelity, BankRobbery of America and Double Cross and No Shield. Blue Cross is responsible for more deaths than the Third Reich and for those of us paying them we continue to support their killings every day. These companies have collectively killed more people than Al Quaeda and Al Jazir could ever dream of killing.

We need to stop giving out the Free Lunch programs to these Corporate Welfare Recipients. The criminals should not only have life imprisonment but also have their assets seized by the state so that their family members get nothing.

What we need in the US in particular is Cooperative Accountability. The employees need to have more say as well as access to management decisions regarding payroll. No one should be paid in cash and we need to keep the Brooks Brothers cufflinked armsleaves out of the cash registers and the petty cash drawers. No more "Miscellaneous" pay outs in hundreds of dollars that have zero accountability.

We need to tell the drug addicted basketball players in the NBA to stop wearing slave owner stickers on their shirts. These boys need to stop acting like a bunch of Uncle Toms and man up and grow a set against the slave owning corporations the oppress their people. Nike, Addidas, Reebok, all use child labor. Take your sneakers and shove them up your butts. I see anyone wearing those shirts, I will spit on them. F you Nike. F you Addidas. F your mother Reebok. And F the mother effers in the NBA that go around like a bunch of house boys, doing the Amos and Andy show every season while your brother and sisters in the ghettos of America can't find work because these companies won't hire them unless they come from Vietnam to clean the toilets.
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