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17 Year Old Car Accident (my Fault)?

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17 Year Old Car Accident (my Fault)?

Postby bartholome » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:35 am

I literally got into a car accident this morning, I "failed to yeild while turning right" and scraped the other car. Both of our cars were not that bad except for a small dent or two but the cops had to be called by her. Both of us were unharmed but she said she was a bit "shaken" which worries me that shes trying something fishy. Either way, it's mandatory for me that I have to go to court in a month. While the cops were giving me details on the court and stuff, the lady drove off. Me and her didnt exchange any contact info, but im sure the cop gave her my insurance because they were talking to her before they came to me. So my question is how bad is this going to be financially, considering it IS my fault. BY THE WAY: my dad had recently put the insurance of my car (statefarm) under my name. So will this affect the cost and/or increase in insurance a lot? And does statefarm have Accident forgiveness and will i be able to use it? And one more thing, it was really foggy and stuff in the morning, is there any way i can appeal to the judge and make him/her consider reducing the fine even a smudge? Please help im really nervous, this is my first accident and ive had my license and car for about 3months.

So conclusion: if possible i would like to have an estimate of how much the fine in total will cost me and how much my insurance vost will go up. Also if im eligible to use accident forgiveness and plus if im able to use any "tactics" to lessen my fine in court. THANKS AND PLEASE HELPPPP
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