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Will My Unemployment Claim Be Approved Or Denied?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

Will My Unemployment Claim Be Approved Or Denied?

Postby Domicio » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:38 pm

I was recently fired from an employer after 2 years of employment. I have received info stating that I am financially eligible based on the amount of money I made however I must wait for my interview to determine if I will receive any benefits.

I was fired because "I failed to cooperate with an investigation on the reason why I was late." Basically on 7.29 i arrived 30 min late. 2 weeks later I was asked why by my dist. manager. I explained I had tire trouble that led to me rear ending another individual's car. They left and returned wee after week asking for documentation. I explained the accident was not bad so I gave the man my insurance info and he left hence no police report. They asked to check my phone records to see if I called another employee to alert them. I showed them the records which confirmed I attempted to reach out. A week or so later I also brought in documentation of the wor invoice with that specific date for the day I was late.

I was fired on 8.5 over a month later from the original offense. They say I did not provide enough info to justify or prove my reasoning for being late. I have been late once or twice before but I have never been wrote up and I was a salaried manager so there is no documentation proving an attendance problem or any other performance issues.I still have the work invoice I originally sent the employer and my interview for eligibility is tomorrow morning. Do you think I should be ok or worried??
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Will My Unemployment Claim Be Approved Or Denied?

Postby Osker » Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:02 pm

It will depend upon the state you live in.
Texas, for example, is an "at will" employment state and they can fire you for pretty much anything.
Denying you unemployment is another issue.
They will probably deny the claim - as far as the company is concerned, you violated company policy by arriving late.
They will have all kinds of evidence to back them up - that's what businesses do - keep careful records.
Unemployment is mostly for people laid-off or fired for unjust reasons.
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Will My Unemployment Claim Be Approved Or Denied?

Postby Olivier » Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:59 pm

You should most definitely be eligible for unemployment. You were terminated (as opposed to quitting) and it doesn't sound like they have a cut and dried case against you to try to deny you unemployment.
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