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Will This Help Me To Lose Weight Within 6 Weeks?

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Will This Help Me To Lose Weight Within 6 Weeks?

Postby Sikyatavo » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:33 am

Another question before we begin, will this take me 6 weeks or less for me to be the weight i wanna be?: I'm 5 ft 3, i'm 9 stone, I eat unhealthily, but eat fruits and veg alot if we have some in the house, but thats very rarely. I eat like unhealthy lunch like chicken things, grapes and a medleys bar, then for dinner a chicken curry from the microwave or whatever, then im still hungry so i eat more medleys or i eat chocolate,crisps drink ribena and whatever also i apsolutly hate water, so i try my best to drink it or get flavoured ones but i usually stick to pure orange juice or regular orange juice where you have to add water and for breakfast i forgot to mention i eat toast (marmite&butter) then a cuppa tea with 3/4 sugars. Also I excercise for about 4 hours a day playing tennis outside.

But if I make a few changes like doing this instead of what i'm doing now will i become healthier?:

For breakfast eat: Butter on brown bread, with a mug of coffee/tea or some juice/water then for lunch grapes,yoghurt,2biccys,water, then for dinner: salmon & salad with water. And walk 3 hours, on saturdays and wednesdays, then rest of the days tennis,bike riding, horse riding, throwing the ball w/e just random excercise i can do like hoops and stuff. And drink water all the time, nothing else but water and flavoured water, and at night can i have like a little treat every once a week like a chocolate bar, or chinese or something unhealthy just 1 thing? xx

Cause you see, i've got 6 weeks off school and this is really gonna help me lose my weight I wanna lose instead of worrying about homework etc.

Will that make me lose weight within 6 weeks or less?
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Will This Help Me To Lose Weight Within 6 Weeks?

Postby Mikio » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:09 am

alcohol has calories too you know sub three drinks a week for lighter versions to drop a pound a year
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