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Will Southern Md Hospital Still See Me?

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Will Southern Md Hospital Still See Me?

Postby Algernon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:30 pm

Im 17 , pregnant and engaged. I have been

to this hospital before , but I need to see a

OBGYN as soon as possible. I have insurance

but my mother wont give me my insurance

card. So I applied for medicade which will

take 45 days! I can not wait that long , I want

to make sure my child is okay. Will they still

see me? And because ive been there before ,

should my insurance be stored in the

computer where I wont have to wait for

medicade? And somebody already told me my

mom has to provide me health care because

im under 18 , but its time for me to grow up

and get my own insurance.
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Will Southern Md Hospital Still See Me?

Postby Rosselin » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:03 pm

Just calm down. Here's exactly how this can all work:

If you are going to a hospital, be sure that they have a clinic for seeing patients. You can't walk into the ER for an OB/GYN check up, it's actually illegal in most states (taking unmerited advantage of public amenities).

As far as your insurance goes, your guardian(s) is/are legally obligated to take you to the doctor if you need it. Seeing as how you're pregnant, a GYN checkup is probably necessary if you haven't had one. Go to the clinic and see what they tell you. My advice would be to try to reason with your mother as it may seem. There's time for growing up later, you need to be practical right now.

Alternatively, you could try contacting your insurance company about getting your own information.
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Will Southern Md Hospital Still See Me?

Postby Jordell » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:21 pm

If you need an OB/GYN you don't go to a hospital. You contact an OB/GYN Dr. office.

Doctors at a hospital are often on rotation. OB/GYN's on call are there to work at the hospital for those in the hospital. OB/GYN doctors in a hospital treat pregnant women who are in delivery, suffering a miscarriage or any other OB problem. Not to see or treat pregnant women for check ups.

Now legally you are on your parents insurance and you are covered by it. I'd say contact the insurance yourself for a copy of the card for YOU. Once you know what insurance you are on you can then ask which doctors are covered and make an appointment.

Also another thing you can do is contact a midwife clinic. They see you based on your income or at least some of them do. Talk to them about the situation and they may be able to help out.

But legally your parents can not deny you medical care. That is neglect. If you must contact the police or just your local Child Services and explain what is going on. Your parents can be arrested for child neglect or at least given a warning to knock some sense into them.

Being mad at a child does not mean you have the right to neglect their medical needs.
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