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Will I Qualify For Mortgage Modification?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

Will I Qualify For Mortgage Modification?

Postby Hershel » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:23 am

Will I qualify for mortgage modification under the terms in the new Bill?

I am current on my payments.
How ever the way I currently understand the terms.
One must have been responsible and paid payments on time.
This has not always been the case with me.
For years I always paid on time till my husband came down ill and was out on short term disability (STD) last year.
Then when he returned to work he was demoted from management to a line worker.
His wages cut and double garnished to pay back health insurance that normally was garnished from his paycheck. (health insurance garnished from paycheck for both the week worked and a week missed plus what employer normally paid).
This left about a $90 bring home check for 45+ hours.
Then after further down sizing he was terminated in the first wave of lay offs just five weeks after returning to work.

For the past several months.
My hours has been cut back to 24 hours a week and I recently received word via hand delivery at work that my job will be terminated at any time and no later than April 3rd, 2009.

Like all the others who has already been laid off from our plant, I am in fear that I won't get a unemployment check after all these years of service.

As I said, we are current with our payments after playing catch up with NO HELP from the bank.
We was behind on payments from April 08 to Nov08, fell behind in Dec08 when we was hit by a bill called "underpayment" till Feb09 when we was able to catch up again.

I apologize for being a lengthy question, but there is so much to my story as many others.
It hard to understand without knowing all the details and there is many I would love to share, but this isn't the time or place to do so.

Thank You.
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Will I Qualify For Mortgage Modification?

Postby Leeroy » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:58 am

You may however, you still have to show income to qualify. I guess you will have to wait and see.

You should have no problem collecting unemployment if you have been employed for sometime. I don't understand why you would think that.

There is lots of help out there for people in your situation. Take advantage of it.

Good luck. Sounds like you have fallen on hard times. Things are sure to get better as they can not get much worse.
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