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Will Obama Care Help With My Jaw Problem?

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Will Obama Care Help With My Jaw Problem?

Postby Body » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:41 am

I have an underbite that has made my bottom jaw skew to the left and raise up on the right. I am always in pain! it hurts to eat, talk for long periods of time, sleep on my side, sing(which I could never give up) and ive been getting these strained feelings in my jaw muscles leading to the back of my neck which then leads to headaches. I am always embarrassed eating in front of ppl because my jaw pops kinda loud and I have to rub the minor pain away as I eat. All of my teeth have shifted into a subtle mess, its not too bad but for my aspirations, I will need a beautiful and confident smile. I am unemployed, 21 and have no health insurance, I do get free dental with my native american benefits but for my problem they said I will need to see an oral surgeon and it could cost up to $20,000. Will obama care benefit me or should I still hold out for a career with benefits?
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