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Will I Be Able To Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without Travel Insurance?

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Will I Be Able To Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without Travel Insurance?

Postby Jurre » Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:20 pm

I will be staying with my partner in Canada for 6 months and cannot find a Travel Insurance that I really need, most of it seems unnecessary or an annual insurance that only covers short trips at a time, or just single trip insurance for that never seems to cover the 6 months, I understand without Travel Insurance I would not be covered for health care, but ideally I would rather just go without it and pay for whatever I need if worse case scenario, I needed health care.

My question is, when I go to Canada will immigration still let me in with no travel insurance?
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Will I Be Able To Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without Travel Insurance?

Postby Chetwin » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:09 am

Insurance doesn't have to be useless. As mentioned before a hospital stay can run up to a few thousand quite easily. You can get things like routine check ups, eye exams, vaccines and maternity covered. It can also include side trips to other countries and dental coverage.

Have to always be protected.
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Will I Be Able To Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without Travel Insurance?

Postby Alrik » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:29 am

If you require a visa to enter Canada, you must have proof of travel medical insurance when you apply for your temporary residency permit. Those from certain countries may also be required to submit to a medical exam.

If you are from a visa-exempt country, there is no requirement per say for travel medical insurance. However, all entry into Canada is at the sole discretion of Canadian Border Services Agency. They can deny entry without reason. If they suspect you won't leave at the end of six months, you will be attempting to work illegally, or you can't support yourself... they can (and will) deny entry. The burden of proof is solely on you to proof otherwise.

You've already given them multiple reasons to suspect these. You are obviously unemployed -- since you are taking six months off. You aren't attending school. You likely aren't maintaining a residence in your home country. You don't have any immediate family which need you -- since you are taking six months off. You are going to visit a significant other -- which means you need to convince CBSA that in six months you won't see this person again for another six months. You are likely to have an uphill battle.

The fact that you won't get travel medical insurance is merely another tick against you. It suggests that you can't afford it, that you plan on staying illegally anyway, that you can't get it because you have a serious medical condition, or that if you are sick or injured that you'll flee the country and leave the Canadian tax payers with the bill. It is going to cause CBSA to ask more questions and dig deeper.

Non-resident rates in Canadian hospitals are over $3,000 in recovery and $8,000 a day in intensive care. Getting hit by a car, skiing into a tree, or swallowing a chicken bone could easily run a $25,000 bill within days.

It is highly likely that CBSA will bring it up... especially on a six month trip. That is a lot of time and chances to get sick or in an accident. They might be happy seeing tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account. If older, chances are they will want proof of medical insurance. They may even require you to take a medical exam. Finally, when in doubt... they'll just deny you entry.
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Will I Be Able To Stay In Canada For 6 Months Without Travel Insurance?

Postby Hyun-Ki » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:37 am

One careless step off the sidewalk and you will have hospital bills almost as huge as in the US. A month in the hospital and you could be paying it off for the rest of your life. That bill is collectible in the US.

They'll let you in, all else being acceptable, without the insurance.
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