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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Burgtun » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:29 pm

If most of you know, I live in Mississauga, Ontario (a town next to Toronto). And I am an American citizen married to a EMS Paramedic of Toronto Ambulance.

Let me tell you the truth of Canada, rather than the lies that politicians say about Canada.


There is OHIP, Ontario Health Insurance Program that is the free healthcare but its not free, you pay 40% of your gross pay in taxes.

You are left with 60% of your gross income but then there are other deductions from your gross pay, that will include the premiums to your Healthcare Insurance (Manulife Insurance Company). And then to union dues and whatever they want to take out for their government.

Let me say this to you in my experience, my husband is a EMS paramedic but after all the withdrawals from his gross pay, he is left with $8.80 per hour net pay for a 40 hour work week, so if he makes $3,000 for two weeks he gets $800 for the two weeks payperiod.

I am saying this to you all, cause as you know I have left tons of comments on here about Obama, and how he will ruin USA.
He will, from my observation and reading, he will be taking USA to Marxism.
We see it in Canada, they say he is a Socialist Marxist and if he is in then Canada will have problems since we are so close to USA.

Obama wants to tax everyone, I don't care about his retoric of only a few, but how does he expect to pay for his social programs??

Okay, back to the Heathcare of Canada.
I can't get eyeglass includes lenses and frames from the free healthcare OHIP, so people pay out for OHIP in their taxes, but they can't get the glasses, that's if you pay for your own health insurance from the withdrawals out of your paycheck, then you can, ah, but you have to come up with the full amount (meaning saving your cash for months on months to pay for your glasses and appointment, and then give it all to the Eye doctor and hopefully you will be reimbursed from your Manulife Insurance for that amount a month later.
You can't just bill your insurance right when you go for your appointment, you have to have the cash saved up already to go to the eye doctor.

And the dentist, geez, there is no free healthcare for seeing a dentist. You have to have your own plan to see a dentist.

So you're wondering what the healthcare that Canada brags about for the people, it's for when you are so sick and dying they will help you die under their substandard healthcare hospitals, and suck the money from OHIP to allow you to lay in a hospital and die with drugs that are billed to OHIP and of course your death is not covered by OHIP, you have to be saving on the side to a funeral home cemetary to make them payments each month to be buried there.

And then you think Canada is so wonderful, I am an American citizen, ready to hear about how they treated me when I was pregnant with my son? I didn't have OHIP cause you only get OHIP when you become a landed immigrant and pay your $1,600 fee to be "permanent landed immigrant".
( So illegals get no healthcare, like I see that Mexicans get in USA, that should be stopped, in my opinion).

I had to pay $800 to the OBGYN, and $500 to the hosptial for 12 hour stay to have a baby.

I walked into Humber River Finch Hosptial in North York upper Toronto, and I was told there was no labor room for me since they were all filled up, to wait or walk home, I walked home in the snow up to my knees.
I then got a call at 4pm to tell me that there was one labor/delivery room available now, to start walking.
I started to walk and got there in labor that was ready on its way. I got into the room, the doctor examined me and said"Here's a paper (looked like a tapworm) and he inserted it into me and said, "You'll have a heavy labor now." He walked out of the room, I was left having labor with Paul by my side watching a basketball game, and I didnt have iv's or help. I was told since I forgot to bring $400 cash with me for an epideral shot that I wouldn't get on, and at age 45 I would have to go through this labor without any help. So after 4 hours of labor I realized I wanted to push, and I did and the baby boy was pushed out, and the doctor said, 'Push on the broomstick handle." Ladies, there were no knitted stirups on that delivery table for my heels to push on!!!!

I pushed my feet on the broomstick handle and the nurses said I was doing good, torn a bit in the vagina, and that the male doctor said he will have to stitch me up with a thread and needle without any numbing shot since I didn't bring extra cash, I thought maybe my $800 to him would have covered that or that $500 for the hostpial stay, ahah NOPE

I had to feel each in and out of the black thread going in and out, the nurse covered my mouth to drown out the screaming and my husband had to push on my chest and arms to keep me from moving upwards in pain.
I felt like the woman in ROBIN HOOD movie starring Kevin Costner where she delivered a baby by C-section and Morgan Freeman had to stitch her up wi
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Marlan » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:35 am

John S. They should not because they have no Constitutional authority to do so.

Jon alcohol regulation is a State issue and is covered under the 10th Amendment. If a State wanted to give it residents health care it could under the 10th Amendment. The Federal Government has no authority for health care for everyone.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Shelly » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:34 am

I don't think its the Governments responsibility to pay for health insurance. I think that if you are under 18 or over 65 then they should pay for your health care only if there is no other Option. I started working at 18 for $6.25 an hour and watched over half of my check go out the window for taxes and health care. I don't see why everyone else can't do it to. Almost every company will offer health care if you work full time. Now I have a husband and child and I pay over $300 a month but I know that its well worth every penny.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Ruaidhri » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:22 am

let's see what you say when your employer eliminates your job and your COBRA has just expired and you or Ezmee or whoever, come down w/ a very costly ailment.
I paid for my insurance for many years also and unfortunately felt the same way you do.
Then I got ill, my employer could not keep my position open any longer and I couldn't even pay the COBRA premium.

This is not an isolated case.
There are millions of working americans

who don't have group health insurance for a variety of reasons. There are numerous employers who don't even offer insurance and the premiums for a private plan are astronomical.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Brodric » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:50 pm

Yes medicaid is a government sponsored healthcare but you have to pay for it! That's the problem with too many Americans they think everyone owes them something. Years ago when I worked in a school I had kids tell me their parents owed them. I asked them how and they said because they had them. Of course I set them straight and said the only thing their parents had to give them was food, clothes and shelter. And I don't mean steaks, the Ritz and Hollister. I struggle to pay over $1.160 a month for health insurance, why should you get it for free? Get off your lazy *** and get a job and stop thinking people owe you. Note there is no reference to race, sex, color or creed.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Tancred » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:49 pm

I don't think it is the government's responsibility, and I am one of those who does not have any health insurance!

But John S, when the government takes over health care believe me, you are going to get less care.
If it is not private and the government is paying Dr's salaries, they are not going to care whether you live or die because they are getting paid ****!!

Why should someone pay all that money to go to medical school when he won't be able to receive a salary that will ever be enough to pay his college bills?
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Odo » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:48 pm

I think we need a health care system.
All of us who have health insurance through our employers now, will we have it next year? Will we have it when we retire?

Demand for health care is going to increase greatly in the next 20 years and the number of privately insured people is going to drop.
What do you think is going to happen? As it stands now, CHIP and Medicare will be bankrupted.

I guess we just won't go to the doctor.
God Bless America.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Bertold » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:17 pm

It's an artificial issue.
We all "provide" and pay for our own health insurance.
It's mainly a matter of who is the middle man.
The question is, should our plan be administered by our government, or through a profit-making entity? Arguments can be made for either choice.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby Halebeorht » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:24 am

We should all pay for our own health insurance, it is not a right.
It is an option, I know people that have car payments and say they can't afford to pay for health insurance.
These same people go on vacation every year, but no health insurance.
People need to get there priorities straight.
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Why Do You Think It's The Governments Responsibality To Provide You Health Insurance?

Postby ohcumgache » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:05 pm

Its not. Let me tell you what would happen with "universal health care" meaning everyone has the same quality of insurance. First off Doctors would not make as much money as they do now- Demand for health care professionals would no longer be in high demand, because it would be a job just like any other job, and it would be simple to find a job in health care. Then all of our doctors offices and hospitals would have the same quality of care you would get from a free clinic.I have not had insurance in over 5 years now and I need it because I have asthma, a heart murmur and Endo. but I don't want insurance if I can not pay for it myself, because I like the quality of health care I receive when I pay for insurance and I do not want to lose that quality because everyone else has insurance too.If I can't buy it myself then I do not need it.
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