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Why Am I Thinking This Way In A Relationship!??! Please Help!!?

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Why Am I Thinking This Way In A Relationship!??! Please Help!!?

Postby Talford » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:16 pm

Ive been in a relationship with my boyfriend (bf) for a year next month and have been living with him since one week and five days into the relationship due to a family member kicking me out as I could not afford rent..At first, things were good, funny and we had a great time together, but, sometimes I thought about my ex, Guy A (GA) because even though I explained to my bf before I got with him, I wasn't 100% over him as I did know the cause of us breaking up. I started to fancy my bf in a relationship with a guy who lived far from me and he was moving back to China in half a year so it wouldn't of worked, I do not cheat and told him the truth, we are still friends..I left him for my current bf.

My ex bf, GA, got in contact with me in Oct.2011 and explained the cause of why we broke up and I got confused and thought I had feelings for him still and we met up in Dec.2011, I told my bf and he didn't mind about me meeting him, I never went to his house, we stayed in the public, we hugged goodbye and that was it..He invited me to his uni' to stay awhile and I wanted to go as I have never been to that area of England and my bf was promoting me to go...Though, I did not go in the end...In Jan, I started talking to my old friend and was dying to meet up with him, we met up and my bf seem to act funny about it...I sometimes thought about being with my old friend, I dont know why...Maybe because he reminded me of Robert Downy JR and we were childhood friends so had a connection or some sort.

-The same month, Jan, I found out my bf had emailed loads of girls on FB across the world but mostly in Asia saying they're pretty, beautiful and everything, I didn't get time to find all the emails..He used to delete the message where it said when someone became friends with someone, I found out he also had been watching tones of porn. I so wanted to dump him, I was heart broken, it still hurts but I didn't dump him...He lied about everything and wasted my internet on porn, he said he didn't 'finish' over the porn, then a day or so later, he said he did! He said that the girls on his FB, he accepted to see what they wanted, but when we got together, he said he doesn't accept people he doesn't know, and when his phone bill wasn't paid, I noticed that a few girls were being 'added' to his friends without him knowing!! I told him I wanted to know why he emailed them, why he added them etc, I got to read the emails in the email, totally heart broken..! He deleted his FB but it doesn't make it go away for me! One girl said she loved him and they all could see that he was in a relation with me!- Since then, I haven't totally felt the same...I did for awhile, I wanted to get married, have his babies etc, but then, I totally changed, I didn't want his babies and I dont want to marry him and I hope he doesn't ask me, atall!

I started a course and made friends with a guy (and other girls and guys), I spoke to this guy alot on the bus and he acted weird and kept saying I wont stop talking about him, the guy is mixed race and I was learning about his cultural. I did start to think about him and me together, I dont know why, because I wouldn't of got with him or anything atall, let alone cheat..!

I also added an old guy on my FB who I fancied when I was 11-13 years old, he was older then me, like, 14-16 years old and now, I cant stop thinking about him, I keep wanting to talk to him and meet him and stuff, its driving me crazy! Dont I love my bf anymore?! Is this normal?!

My bf is 12 years older then me (I am 20 years old) and we dont do anything, we row alot and I get so bored..I make friends with guys easier then girls and I told him that before we got together, he hardly listens to me and nags me. Everyday is the same, he promised to buy me a pet, he promised a few things, yet, hasnt done any of them...He is immature with his money and hasnt sorted his car insurances out and I have a daughter who I want to see (she lives with the family member who kicked me out, long story, Im not a bad mother or anything like that) and cant travel there to see her, he has two contract phones he rarely pays, he always blames his bank, but he doesn't care and follow up the problems etc! He also said I always get moody with him when I start speaking to a guy who I havent for ages

I cant talk to him about anything about the relationship, he gets moody and everything...Are we just not meant to be together? I feel like I want to dump him but something is holding me back...
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Why Am I Thinking This Way In A Relationship!??! Please Help!!?

Postby caledvwich82 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:29 am

courting: my own interplay and family with yet another person. My courting with my better half is diverse than my courting with my boss, it somewhat is diverse than the only I even have with my little ones, which isn't an identical because of the fact the only with my acquaintances, etc... some relationships are greater important than others, and require a various point of committment. And definite, some relationships are approximately convenience, and a few are inconvenient...
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Why Am I Thinking This Way In A Relationship!??! Please Help!!?

Postby Quin » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:15 pm

I think you know the answer to this already.

Life's too short to spend with someone who doesn't make you entirely happy. You deserve to be happy. A year isn't that long and perhaps the relationship has simply run its course - you're young and there's no pressure to settle down any time soon.
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