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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Hale » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:30 pm

Innovation is only valuable to the extent that it maximizes profit. While millions starve to death as a result of capitalism's inefficient allocation of resources, the capitalist thinks of technology to satisfy the "demands" (artificial needs) of the middle class consumers. The extreme victims of capitalism have no say in anything as they lack purchasing power, so providing sustainable alternatives to essential needs is not considered. Although indeed it is possible to feed the world, it is not profitable because these people lack purchasing power. People in 3rd world countries cannot produce the food necessary to sustain themselves because of problems like soil erosion and desertification. Why are we not looking for solutions? Shouldn't a society satisfy the needs of all people, not simply those who have purchasing power?

The middle class in developed countries work in occupations that they real have little to no say in for their next pay cheque. Our job is not a means to improve society, but to ensure the status quo and to allow countless more to suffer from the unsustainable policies of global capitalism.
The values of our consumerist society are reinforced through the various institutions that ensure the legitimacy of the capitalist state.

We are not improving society. We are allowing this corrupt system to continue destroying the vulnerable as is an fundamental component of the capitalist system. When profit triumphs all, naturally the needs of the majority will not be met. Globalization is an inherent part of the economic system. In order to maximize profit, it is essential to exploit the resources and labour abroad. Wars are fought for companies that are tied to the nation state to gain access to resources which is why the state is an essential part of the capitalist system.

In the end, we do think about ways to improve society. Our prime goal as middle class workers is a family's well being. Little do we care beyond the realms of our daily lives....little do we consider making positive changes in our communities because so long as capitalism exists, we will not be able to improve society.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Page » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:07 pm

Conservative/Capitalist aren't know for their innovative, out of the box thinking, or for their compassion.

Just think what a society that is free of the bondage of working in a nowhere job just to get health insurance could do.

Corporate america has a vested interest in keeping the citizens of this country poor, uneducated, fearful and unhealthy. It's makes all more dependent on them.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Nathanial » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:25 am

Naive pseudo-intellectual college freshman-esque rants fail.

I'd love to see your discourse on why you feel society needs to be dictated to above, and instead of, individual rights, and how you feel that actually improves society.

But actually, no.

I've heard enough.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Wellington » Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:56 pm

Right on!

You should start a multi-million dollar corporation and start leading by example!!
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Danon » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:11 pm

Cute rant. Now look at history and tell me where most of the innovation that has increased crop yields and reduced things like soil erosion have come from. They have come from capitalist economies not from socialist or communist economies.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby lapidos » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:46 am

I'm wealthy, and capitalism provided that for me - I force none of my employed laborers to work for their low wages, they can quit ANY TIME! We import from 3rd world nations, but they're HAPPY to sell to us, and if they are making our products with slave labor, then guess what? NOT MY PROBLEM! I'm not forcing there workers to work for cheap. My workers are HAPPY to work 39 hour weeks for MINIMUM WAGE - and guess what? NO RAISES - EVER! No benefits either! I'm not forcing them to stay working for me, they can quit any time, and some other unemployed will quickly be THRILLED to take their place! This one 69 year old lady (a seamstress) that works for me (been with me for 6 years) came to me desperately asking for a raise, even if it was only $.10 or $.15 an hour more, and I smiled and said "no" and explained how she was better off and that raise wouldn't help her make that much more anyway, and if I gave her a raise, she'd lose some foodstamp benefits. She left my office sobbing, but that's called "Money Smarts." By not giving HER a raise, I saved enough money over the course of a month to take my family to a big dinner at RED LOBSTER! That's what great about capitalism, ANYONE can become worth well over $1,000,000 easily like I did, and hire people eager to work without forcing them to work for you. People are GRATEFUL for the jobs I provide - especially during this recession!

No exploitation - just providing good people with desperately needed jobs.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby MacLaren » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:42 am

I'm not sure where you live, but I'm guessing somewhere in the UK.
I invite you to come to America and see our magnificent capitalist system for yourself where innovations enhance our lives every day.
We are indeed the most innovative country in the world but you need to understand that innovation comes from individuals who are often just regular folks that see a need and figure out how to solve it.

Through innovation we have been able to increase production of our farm lands, millions are not starving in America, instead we are feeding many starving people around the world.
The same can be said for the medicines and medical advances and machinery we create.

It is true that we have poor people in America but if they choose to improve their lives they have every opportunity to do so.
I am living proof of that.
In America many of our poor have flat screen TVs, cell phones, blackberries, and cars.

Middle class Americans are involved every day in improving our society.
We care very much about our communities We volunteer wherever we can help make a difference.
When we can't volunteer we donate millions of dollars to help others.

If capitalism did not exist in America the entire world suffer, it would not be better off if we became a socialist country and no longer provided the world with the fruits of our innovations.

Again, I invite you to come and see for yourself.
America's streets may not be paved with gold, but the are paved with opportunity.
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Verney » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:45 am

Well, I say you are somewhat wrong.
Consider Exxon.
They provide a necessity and gouge the crap out of everyone, making all of us poorer. Of course the rich invest in them so they come out to the good while the middle class and the poor get the shaft.
Now, big oil could have kept prices down at the start of the recession to help the citizens they have been robbing but no, in their greed, they decided at that time to make obscene profits, and pushing the hurt deeper.
And here it is 3 years later, the country is using way less fuel but prices are back up while refineries are backing off production because their storage tanks are full.
And still, the prices go up higher.
The theory of supply and demand is a bunch of crap.
Big oil is a monopoly that controls prices with excuses and manipulation of production while making huge profits.
And our government allows it.
i guess when they broke up MA Bell for being a monopoly, that was just killing the economy huh?
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Why Dont People Under Capitalism Think Of Ways Of Improving Society?

Postby Leander » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:32 pm

And what do you think socialism does to "improve society"? I recall one Country where it was tried had the novel idea to eliminate a group of people because of their religion. the same country killed those we now term "slow" or "retarded" because they were worthless to society. This "corrupt" system has the advantage of giving people a chance to improve their lot in life. Far superior to any other I have seen.

And the only people I have seen that have a "vested interest" in keeping people poor and dependent are Democrats.
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