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Why Does My Mom Hate Me So Much?

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Why Does My Mom Hate Me So Much?

Postby uisdean30 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:55 pm

I do not know why she hates me so god damn much. Im 13, I have a 14 year old sister and a 5 year old sister. It seems like she does not care at all anymore. She used too until she met her boyfriend. She was gone everyday and she only took my 5 year old sister with her. Me and my older sister stayed home everyday with absolutely no food in the house and no phone. We also had a family friend's daughter living with us. It sucked. Then after a while we lost our house. We had to put all of our belongings into a storage unit and move in with her boyfriend. Every time she gets a new boyfriend her personality changes. All the time. Now she does this fake laugh and acts like a total whore. All she cares about is if her boyfriend has the things he needs or wants and video games because that is all her boyfriend wants. I need a lot of stuff and she says she does not have money, but then she bought her boyfriend a $2000 dollar electrical drum set. I thought she didn't have money!? She does not care about us unless we get in trouble. I thought she got paid every week for her disability check? Just because she got a hip replacement at the age of what? 32? She is to lazy to work. I also have braces on my teeth and i haven't gone to the ortho. in almost 2 years. Why doesn't she care? They hurt so bad. My new school also thinks we are poor as hell. It sucks. She didn't even go Christmas shopping because she thinks I don't know that the presents came from the school. She never has money unless its for her boyfriend. I also have problems with my joints because they lock up, my older sister cannot open her mouth all the way, and it hurts when my little sister pee's but she cant pick up the damn phone and call the doctor. I also have anger and depression issues, and she and my granny thinks I am insane. I just want that taken care of but that prob wont happen. I also cut myself sometimes because I hate my life I just wish I was dead. I wish I could live with my dad but changing schools once was hard enough. Right now, my dad is my only best friend. I just wanna know why my mom doesn't like me at all. She just does not care. I wish she did. She is also on probation. She got a DWI because apparently it was "my fault". What a fake *****. When she dies I will spit on her grave.
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