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Why Does My Boss Treat Me Differently?

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Why Does My Boss Treat Me Differently?

Postby Rushe » Sat May 31, 2014 9:57 am

**SORRY i posted this on my ipod, deleted the question so i could type it on a computer, thanks for your answers.
Im a senior in high school, and I'm in my school's co-op program. So i get to leave after 4th hour and go to work. Anyway, I work at the Department of Transportation. My boss is so mean to me, always telling me I'm doing things differently than her, and she just kinda looks at me like I'm not good enough to be working there. She's a black woman, been there for 35 years. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but she's only nice to her black friends. She's pretty rude to white or other ethnicities.( Thats just an extra fact dont turn this question into something like racism.)
Well, she was teaching me how to type letters out to insurance companies earlier this month. In Word, I usually go to the menu button, then hit "print" or i will hold down CNTRL+PRINT and shes like "No your just wasting a bunch of time, dont do it like that, you have to hit print on the quick access bar" Its like what does it matter? You know, as long as I can get it done, why does she care? Thats just 1 example. She does these things like everyday. Everyone learns differently!
And, she never calls me by my name. She will say "the co op." Its not that she doesn't know my name, because SHE DOES. Ive worked there long enough and she DEFINITELY knows my name. It's just kinda down grading and she always seems to look down on me. She will just say "co-op" to me. It's like can you not say "Taylor?" Its just rude in my opinion. Yesterday she was talking to another co worker and I was too, and shes like "Yeah i was just telling the co-op blah blah blah." And the other co worker was like you mean Taylor? Everyone else calls me by my name in there, and EVERYONE else tells me Im the best worker they have ever had and Im doing great, and that I catch on really quickly. But my boss just looks at me and tells me I do everything wrong basically.

Why does she do this and not call me by my name?
**If you're going to answer and be rude, dont bother answering my question. I dont expect people to bow down to me and whatever else, I would just like to know why she cant call me by my name? I think i should be able to have a small percentage of her respect at least.
Everytime she comes in to work I greet her nicely and say "Hi mary, how are you today? Did you have a nice lunch?" and she just looks at me and acts all annoyed that I even spoke to her and just mumbles "hi..." Then when someone else comes along and talks to her shes all energetic and nice and laughing.
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Why Does My Boss Treat Me Differently?

Postby Kynwyl » Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:22 am

Came across this answer elsewhere yesterday and gave you a fairly detailed answer, but I guess I answered the iteration that you deleted.
In either event, a couple of things ... summarized from yesterday.
1. The boss has to have learned something over 35 years. She may demand that you do something a certain way because she has an awareness of the underlying reasons ... reasons that may take too long to explain, or that you may not need to be privy to.

2. We have "co-op" students at my job all the time. They rotate out every 8 weeks or so. We refer to them as "the externs." It's not meant to demean them. It's simply a consistent way of referring to "the people filling this particular role at this time."
3. The boss may know she is difficult to work with, but finds it easier to condition the people around her than to change herself. The people who adapt to her style are the ones who will succeed. This is true in all jobs. Give the boss what she wants (assuming it's legal, ethical, etc.) and your work life will go much more smoothly.
4. Remember you may need to use her as a reference. You want a good reference. Conduct yourself accordingly.
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Why Does My Boss Treat Me Differently?

Postby Edelmar » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:58 pm

She sounds like she is very unhappy at what she does and she is just waiting to get the heck out of there.
I would not take it to heart, if others are telling you good things, then hold on to that for the time being.
Just kill her with kindness and smile all the time.
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