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Why Are Republicans Against Obama's Spending Cuts?

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Why Are Republicans Against Obama's Spending Cuts?

Postby Earwine » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:03 pm

1. Cutting medicare when it is already going bankrupt will not help. Do you want Medicare when you are of age? He already took 7.1 trillion from it to pay for ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a tax. If you do not get insurance you will be fined. But ObamaCare requires private sector health care to meet the same requirements of ObamaCare which is to expensive and will run some of them out of business. Not because they will be fined but because if we use them we will be fined. If we can not find one we had to use one of the two ObamaCare non Medicare plans he set up just after the election to bring in people that can not afford to be fined for using private sector health care that does not meet the requirement. ObamaCare is raising prices on all health care which will pass on to us. Two examples are:

- hospitals being fined if they take in the same patients more than once a month.
Some patients have to go in more than once a month because of their condition. They have to pass on the cost to us.

- what he has already taken from Medicare causing them to pass on the cost to vouchers. Vouchers are not what Obama said Romney was planning. Vouchers are the supplemental health care plans like AARP who pay the 20% that Medicare does not cover. They have already started charging more on premiums because of costs passed on to them from hospitals and from being forced to charge less for some medications.

2.When America first started as a nation England wanted us to submit to them. They want dour resources. We have a ton of resources we are still not using because of green peace groups. They attacked us and everyday citizens had to protect themselves. Many did not have guns or equal weapons. They had to protect them self because we did not have enough military. The military is there to protect us from the England's of the world that want our resources-among other things. With crazies out there with weapons of all sorts we have to say current. Would you start a computer business using an old PC that has DOS or Unix and expect to keep up with other companies of today? We can not expect to protect our self with a pea shooter when they have nukes.

3. People that make 250,000 are not millionaires let alone billionaires and that is what he wants to raise taxes on. Most of them are families with kids and that is not a lot when you consider how much things are costing.

4. I do not know how that fits in to spending cuts.

It is the raising of taxes that are the main issue. Republicans want to get rid of tax loops. Obama does not. If all you do is raise taxes on the top 1-2% it will not affect them with all the loopholes. Obama is in the top 1-2%. If Obama gets his way and as he wants raises taxes in the top % then he and his rich friends will not have to pay more because he will not get rid of the tax loops. It will actually have to be passed on to the middle class. It will also be passed down because he claims the top % are those making over 250,000. They are part of the top middle class and they do not have all the loopholes the top percent have.
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Why Are Republicans Against Obama's Spending Cuts?

Postby Thorntun » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:30 pm

1. Medicare is one of the few funded programs.
We need cuts on unfunded programs.

2. I happen to agree with this one.
This country spends around 35% of it's budget on the military, while other countries are around 5%.
Even cutting to 20%, would be modest compared to 35%.

3. This will only further devastate an economy on life-support.

4. Unless he's going to "cut" section 8 (unfunded programs), this is a waste.
We need less social welfare programs, not more.

5. We need a cut across the board of at least 10% for most government employees.
Both in benefits and retirement.
Notice not one mention of this by anyone in congress or by Obama.
Gee, I wonder why?

The problem with any of the above cuts it that it affects the GDP, which consequently also affects borrowing.
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Why Are Republicans Against Obama's Spending Cuts?

Postby fulhert90 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:04 am

that is been crystal sparkling now for 30 years that Republicans extremely in straightforward terms care with reference to the fee selection whilst they're out of potential. Reagan and the two trees ran as strict fee selection hawks, yet as quickly as in place of work behaved as though deficits only did no longer rely. sarcastically, the only president who made solid on the perennial Republican can provide of cutting spending, making government. smaller and extra fee-effective, reducing deficits and getting us on objective in direction of a balanced fee selection replaced right into a Democrat! If bill Clinton have been president one extra 12 months, we'd have had a balanced fee selection. whilst GW Bush got here to place of work, he only ought to no longer wait to undo each and all of the solid artwork Clinton had accomplished. only approximately his first act in place of work replaced into to call for a huge tax cut back, in straightforward terms for the richest individuals. Presidents and congresscritters, they understand their potential comes from spending. the two events desperately decide to spend funds to purchase votes. They spend it on extremely some issues to purchase the votes of distinctive demographics, whether that is the same element. however the Republicans, i think of, abdicated their place via fact the occasion of commercial duty. Ronald Reagan ran for president for 8 years by using bashing the nationwide debt, yet as quickly as in place of work he TRIPLED the comprehensive pre-present nationwide debt. GW Bush in straightforward terms doubled the debt, whether it replaced into plenty larger by using then. And that nonsense approximately Obama spending extra effective than any previous president, or perhaps all presidents blended, that is superb how many times you hear that. as though only repeating it many times could make it authentic.
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Why Are Republicans Against Obama's Spending Cuts?

Postby Brentan » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:06 pm

Republicans offered to vote for Obama's plan, but Harry Reid refused. http://thehill.com/video/senate/271255-m...

McConnell said he wasn?t surprised Democrats didn?t want to vote on Obama?s plan, which he said raises taxes on small businesses.

?Not a single Senate Democrat has stepped forward to support it, and if you look at it you can see why,? McConnell said. ?It increases taxes.?

McConnell added that he'd be happy to have a stand-alone vote on the president's plan rather than attaching it to legislation as an amendment.
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