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Why am I always full of rage and anger?

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Why am I always full of rage and anger?

Postby lug70 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:59 pm

i'm always full of rage and anger when i was 5 years old my stepdad would call me names and would sometimes bully me and whenever i would go to school i would get constantly beaten and nothing was done i didnt have broken bones or anything but from kidnergarten through 6th or 7th grade id be dragged to back of the playground and beaten and i was born with messed up legs and kids would call me chicken legs and eventually kids would try pushing me down stairs and threaten to stab me with a plastic knife and teachers never did anything to stop them and it was just as bad when i tried 3 other schools i never fought back and now i really regret it i am not sure if this is why im so full of rage and anger but also it seems like where ever i move i have spirits in my house my knife block in the kitchen was bleeding, a wooden beam in the basement fell down the doors were opening and slamming and i hear voices in my house it seems like it gets worse whenever we move to a differant house...anyways my question is

could i be full and rage and anger because of being bullied and not fighting back or could it be spirits that follow me or both or a differant reason? i cant go to angermanagment classes but i get aggressive and i always tell my little brother to stfu and i cant stop myself sometimes i get depressed and sad mostly angry but i don't understand why my stepdad is a drunk and i hate him im sick of his emotional and mental abuse could he be the cause? my mom wont divorce him because once he dies we have life insurance on him which he might not have long but we went through his abuse for 12 or 13 years is that why im always so angry? :\ thanks for reading
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Why am I always full of rage and anger?

Postby omet65 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:01 pm

From the sounds of it you seem to be repressing everything, keeping it all held up inside. You need to talk to someone and maybe this might help ease things for you. Also with regards to hearing voices all the time you may want to consult your doctor about it, on the off chance it could be borderline schizophrenia. Hope this helps.
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Why am I always full of rage and anger?

Postby knoton » Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:13 pm

Sounds like you have some serious repressed anger, because seeing violent spiritual events is a sign of hallucinations brought on by serious rage. The only healthy thing you can do at this point is to let that anger out, like running over the people who made your life miserable with your car.
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Why am I always full of rage and anger?

Postby leofric33 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:17 pm

yes all what has been going on with you is causing anger and rage, go and talk to someone you need lots and lots of help. you really need to go and stay with a relative or you must get in touch with anyone that will allow you to stay with them, you must take a step forward,your mum will not see the situation properly because of the way he is ...

dint know how old you are.. but go to anywhere such as charity workers,, to seek refuge from all and counselling..
good luck
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