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Who Do I Call To Join Medicare Part D?

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Who Do I Call To Join Medicare Part D?

Postby arlan » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:27 pm

To get Part D you first need to have Part A and/or Part B.

To get Part C you need ?BOTH? Part A and Part B.

If you do not have Parts A or B and you believe you are entitled to them you'll need to contact Social Security.

To get Part C or Part D you'll want to speak with an agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation whereas if you call the insurance company they'll just tell you what is good about their plan.

Many, but not all, Part C plans have Part D included. Of those that don't, some will allow you to purchase a separate stand-alone Part D plan but others will not.

Part C and D have premiums. However, in many counties there are Part C plans available with a $0 premium. There are several options for payment; deduction from Social Security Check, monthly EFT, monthly credit card, and coupon book.

You also need to look at the Medicare Supplement plans. The Part C Medicare Advantage plans are not considered Supplements, even though many people do call them their Supplement plan.
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Who Do I Call To Join Medicare Part D?

Postby MacCormack » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:35 pm

You must pay for Medicare Part B first. Then you look for a Part D plan in your location. Part C is also known as a Medicare Advantage plan. If you chose that instead of Original Medicare your Part D is included.
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