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Who Benefits From Part-time Employment?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Who Benefits From Part-time Employment?

Postby Shoda » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:43 pm

The employer benefits because (1) PT employees rarely get medical/life/disability insurance and pension benefits.
(2) It's easier to move PT employees around to cover new projects/employees on vacations or out sick, etc.
(3) PT employees usually get paid less per hour than FT employees.

The employee benefits because (1) some people can't work FT -- family obligations, medical reasons, school, etc.
(2) It's better to have a PT job than no job at all.
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Who Benefits From Part-time Employment?

Postby Talib » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:44 pm

Both benefit because each is getting their needs met through free market enterprise.

The employer is getting a specified amount of work done for a specified amount of investment at a price they are willing to accept.

The employee is getting a specified amount of payment for a specified amount of work at a compensation level he is willing to accept.

It is a classic expample of free market enterprise.
Assuming the job pays more than minimum wage, the price is being set according to supply and demand for that particular type of job.
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Who Benefits From Part-time Employment?

Postby wahkan » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:43 am

I can only give you my personal opinion.

I think its the employer who benefits. Heres why:

Lets say you have 4 full time employees, each requiring a min of 40 hours per week. Thats 160 hrs a week total. One calls in sick a day. Who covers the extra shift? The employer would have to either suffer with the loss you get someone to cover the shift for OT pay.

Now, if that same employer has 8 employees part time, he can give out shifts as he sees fit and has more flexibility when it comes to covering shifts because of sick calls or no shows.

Problem is, those employees cannot survive on a lousy 20 hours a week, right?

Also, especially when its a Union employer, when someone has FT status, an employer is not allowed to give them anything less than 40, no matter how useless they are. But with PT status, they can pick and chose how many hrs they give you week to week.
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