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Which Is The Best Pet Insurance Company?

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Which Is The Best Pet Insurance Company?

Postby Piero » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:39 pm

I'm nineteen and i have two miniature poodles. I still live with my parents who can't afford to pay for pet insurance at the minute due to personal circumstances. I decided to pay for it instead but i don't exactly make a fortune and don't want to be charged a lot.

So i wanted to know which is the best pet insurance companies who wont charge me a fortune ??

I'm currently on the Direct line website and they are asking about vet excess fees. If i choose the higher price my monthly price goes down. So confused.

What is vet excess fees??

Thank you.
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Which Is The Best Pet Insurance Company?

Postby Torean » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:34 am

Excess fees is when you claim on the insurance and then get charged for it (eg, my phone insurance is £12 a month but when i broke it and got a replacement they charged me an excess of £50)

You have to be careful with pet insurance because you still need the money upfront to pay the vet then the pet insurance company pay the vet so you still need the money first.

Its better to have a savings account and put money away each month for it because even if you don't have the full amount if an emergency came up, you would still have a chunk to pay the vet with.

Also some pet insurance companies have 'a catch' where it doesn't cover certain things.

But from past experiences from friends, petplan and Sainsburys are the best.
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