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What Is So Wrong About Obamacare?

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What Is So Wrong About Obamacare?

Postby Cornell » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:51 am

The reason so many, including myself, take issue with the Obamacare system is because of it's basic principles: the government is sticking its hands into private business. Socialized Health Care was passed in most of Europe in recent years, and it was one of the first things the Soviot Union passed into law. This will raise taxes across the board for everybody in our nation, (which is undesierable) and force people into buying into a program they may or may not want. It will also reduce the quality of our health care because the government will be regulating who gets what treatment. High risk people, such as the elderly and overweight, will be turned away from procedures they may need because it is more expensive to care for those at risk. The obama care system is erradicating a private buisness (which is going against the capitalistic economy our nation runs on) which is not a job the government should be doing.

Our country is supposed to allow buisness to compete and propser, and the consumers are supposed to have their own freedoms to make choices they want and need.

Much Respect, Hope I helped.
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