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What Would You Need To Plan Before Going On A Trip? 10 Points?

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What Would You Need To Plan Before Going On A Trip? 10 Points?

Postby columbanus » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:15 pm

A little more information would help! Where are you going? How long is the trip? A trip to the wilds of Borneo for a month is vastly different from a trip to visit friends in another state.

Generally, make sure you have adequate travel and health insurance, passport, credit cards, tickets.
Photocopy x 2 all credit cards (both sides but black out the identity numbers on the back) and travel documents. Leave one copy at home and put the other copy in luggage.

Make sure luggage is well labeled.
Your name and mobile (cell) ph no is adequate and safer than an address.

If locking luggage which is a good idea, make sure you have the TSA locks or USA security, quarantine or customs officers just break them.
They can open the TSA locks and relock them with no damage

Pack the appropriate clothing, but lay out what you think you will need then 1/2 it.
Colour co ordinate your clothes so that anything can be worn with anything. Keep toiletries/makeup to a minimum.
Motels/hotels have shampoo, body lotion, soap, hairdryers etc unless you ARE going to Borneo. Choose eyeshadow etc that matches clothing and take just that, not all you have in your makeup bag.

3 prs of undies are adequate...1 on, 1 just laundered and 1 spare.
Wash them out each evening.

Shoes....one pr for walking and a "good" pair.
If going to Borneo you will need hiking boots.
If going to the snow area anywhere you will need the appropriate footwear (see what I mean about your lack of information?)

That's enough for now.
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