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What Processes Are Used To Make A Field Hockey Stick?

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What Processes Are Used To Make A Field Hockey Stick?

Postby Eginhardt » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:29 pm

The process is all here: http://www.substech.com/dokuwiki/doku.ph...

The details of hockey are here:

Graphite (carbon fiber)

Graphite has become by far the most best building material for sticks used in the NHL, and it is growing rapidly in popularity for amateur and recreational players. Carbon fiber sticks were originally sold as shafts alone, much like their aluminium counterparts. "One piece" sticks, which consist of a single piece shaft and blade, have become the predominant type.

Carbon fiber sticks have become so popular due primarily to the way they combine features of wooden and aluminium sticks. They offer the classic "feel" and performance of the best wooden varieties, and the manufacturing consistency and precision of aluminium sticks. They can also be manufactured with extraordinarily precise "flex patterns" which can aid in the power and accuracy of wrist and snap shots, and their manufacturing process makes it extremely simple to add any number of different materials and features which can dramatically change the properties of the stick (a good example of this being the silicon injections made in certain high-end sticks that are claimed to further enhance their "feel").

Their main disadvantage is their high cost coupled with their relatively poor durability. While their average life is not quite as short as their wooden counterparts, it is poor enough that competitive senior players will usually break one every week or two, which for an entire team over the course of a season can become extremely expensive. This can be a particularly nasty burden for "nonprofit" competitive teams (such as college hockey teams in the United States), some of whom have begun restricting their players from using the most expensive composite sticks.
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What Processes Are Used To Make A Field Hockey Stick?

Postby Hyun-Ki » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:21 pm

i think they are layered....

a detailed description on this subject can b seen in ehow.com

Graphite composite hockey sticks are among the most commonly manufactured sticks, and are standard for professional levels of play. To construct the stick's shaft, a worker will place 15 sheets of composite carbon materials on top of each other. The composite layers are precut so that, when assembled, they assume the regulation width, length and height of the hockey stick. The most prevalent composite material is graphite, a rigid carbon that is very lightweight, but the woven composite can also contain fiberglass and even Kevlar. When laying the composite sheets on top of each other, the direction of the grain is alternated to enhance rigidity.

The layers are formed together using a heat-activated resin that molds the sheets into one thicker shaft. Pre-preg, or pre-impregnated, composite layers are sometimes used, which include a heat-activated epoxy resin that doesn't need to be added................................. ...........................................

for further details pls see the link

hope this wiil help
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