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What Kind Of Doctor Should He Go To?

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What Kind Of Doctor Should He Go To?

Postby Kerry » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:38 pm

so my bf has been feeling really down and not himself lately. i said maybe its depression. i looked up the symptoms and a lot of them match. i hate seeing him like this. its hurting our relationship and making his life way harder than it should be. so i told him that i think it would be best if he talked to a dr. i mean we have a family and our daughter doesnt need to see him like this either.

so here is the thing...he has insurance through work. but he does not have a regular doctor. who should we look up in our town for him to call and set up a visit with? what kind of doctor should we be looking for? should he just go to the er and explain how he is feeling?
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What Kind Of Doctor Should He Go To?

Postby frewin » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:26 am

Need to start with a general practictioner, or family doctor.
But make sure your insurance is accepted by whatever doctor you choose. many insurance co websites will list their doctors and contact info, so check their website first if possible.
But depression does need to be treated, been there and done that, really helped. Mine happened when I had no reason to be depressed, all chemical.
Had great job, enjoyed my family, and enjoyed being with friends. But just got severe depression.
Meds help. I was only on them for a year or so and then never had another problem. Good luck.
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What Kind Of Doctor Should He Go To?

Postby Wynton » Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:16 pm

Well a General Practitioner will be fine for his needs.
He will be able to prescribe the meds needed etc.
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What Kind Of Doctor Should He Go To?

Postby Ralston » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:25 pm

Contact your bf's medical insurance for a list of medical providers in your area that are accepting new patients. Probably best to have a Primary Care Provider (PCP,) so he may follow your bf's progress not only on this issue, but any other issues as well. PCP's are usually MD's specialized in General Practice, or Internal Medicine. Carefully consider each provider listed according to your needs, such as convenience from where you live, hospital affiliations, etc., make a selection and then an appointment.
A PCP will begin with a full and comprehensive evaluation including a complete physical on your bf, to establish a baseline history. The PCP will then discuss any findings and provide referrals to specialized providers for treatment if indicated.

Inform your new Primary Care Provider of what your bf is experiencing, your concerns, and request that he be seen as soon as possible. In the unlikely event they are not able to see him as soon as possible, ask if they can recommend any other providers who can. I believe, however, that your PCP will make every effort to accommodate you. Additionally, to cover all bases, ask your new PCP to advise you on how to proceed should your bf's condition worsen before his appointment.

Lastly, with health issues, especially those bearing uncertainty, it's important to not worry excessively or begin speculating that the problem might be this or that. It's best to stay in the realm of medical facts your PCP arrives at.

Take care and good luck. Will keep good thoughts for you all.
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