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What Career Options Does An Insurance Claims Adjuster Have?

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What Career Options Does An Insurance Claims Adjuster Have?

Postby terrall51 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:44 am

I worked for an HVAC parts distributor for 4 years.
Initially as a warehouse guy, then later they gave me a raise to $17 hourly, called me a manager and gave me purchasing and inventory control responsibilities.

Graduated with a business degree from a state college with a good reputation in May 2011 and decided i should get a new job because of it.

Six months ago I got a job working in Workers compensation claims as an adjuster.
The job is not bad, but I cant see myself being in this role for more then a year or two longer.
I just do not like to spend a significant portion of my day talking to people with various injuries/ailments over the phone each day.

I am thinking of maybe switching over to auto or property claims, but what are all my options? What options outside of claims do I have?
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What Career Options Does An Insurance Claims Adjuster Have?

Postby Bevon » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:40 am

You just get hired anywhere as a business analyst - whatever THAT is supposed to mean.
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What Career Options Does An Insurance Claims Adjuster Have?

Postby Miftah » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:05 am

With any claim adjuster job, you will be spending from 50 to 80% of your day on the telephone.

With your WC experience, you will be well suited to a auto claim bodily injury adjuster.

Each company handles claims a different way.
Some will have many people handle different parts of it and then transfer to someone else, or in some companies you handle from day 1 to conclusion.

So one company may have 1 person handle the liability investigation, or only the property damage, or just the injuries.

Now with property claims only, or possibly just homeowners claims is completely different and I cant speak for that, since I never did it and dealing with fire/theft/hail etc would be boring to me.
I remember when I had a house fire back in 1995, the tedious forms I had to submit for reimbursement of all of our personal items, plus the repair of our house and thought no way, would I like to do that.

In auto injury claims, if a lawyer handles is easier than handling with a individual, since they don't tie up your day vs a claimant constantly calls, since many are sitting waiting for your call and expect answers.

I did work about 1 year off/on doing commercial liability claims as an independent contractor, and with commercial claims may find it easier, since you are working with a client most of the time, vs a lot of individual insureds/claimants.

The easy claims are usually called "fast track" claims, since they are usually settled w/in 30 days.
They usually involve rear end-ers, comprehensive claims such as hail damage and vandalism and deer claims.
There is no liability to be decided, but to verify coverage, get the vehicle repaired and then close the claim.

If you go with a "mega" insurance company would be best, since you could start in 1 department and most likely can move up/down to another department to find out what you like best.

good luck

One last thing to consider when asking about other fields is underwriting.
I never did, but you would be responsible for determining the risk of each new insured.
You may only be dealing with agents vs a lot of individual people, but not sure, since never did it.
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What Career Options Does An Insurance Claims Adjuster Have?

Postby Arber » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:16 am

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