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What Can I Do This Man Wont Let Me Go,held Hostage By Batterer Legal?

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What Can I Do This Man Wont Let Me Go,held Hostage By Batterer Legal?

Postby Errapel » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:13 pm

what can i do. im a woman in my 20s and im being legally held hostage by a man who thinks he is my husband. i dont know this strange man and i dont want to assosicte with him. he got my mother pregnant and then i was born.

this man has beaten me and robbed me of my money. he has also made sexual advances and abuse to me when i was an underage child.he has threatened to murder me many times and almost did.

i live in the usa. please contact me because i cannot leave this strange mans home and i am not his wife

i need a divorce from this man who impregnated my mother. he has connections high up in the court and he is a millionare so he has lots of money. he has connections to the police precinct,supreme court judges,psychiatrists and other law professionals. he has it all set up.

this man wants me to be married to him and wont allow me to marry anyone else. he has a friend who is a supreme court judge, a male buddy of his. and the 2 of them set it up so that when i was in the hospital getting surgery.he went to court against me and i couldnt show up so his friend signed the legal order to him, saying that he owns me now.

he owns my physical body, if i get sick he will decide if i can get medical treatment or not, he can donate my organs,force me to go through plastic surgery or what treatments he wants and write a will and a do not resusitate order

he owns all of my money and my social security number and hes using it to do harm

i dont have money for food,clothes or medical care now.

he cancelled my health insurance and invades my privacy

i am a woman and i want to marry a man my own age,but he says if i leave the house or try to date he will call the police on me.he has adult guardianship of me. if i do anything against what he says he will call his police friends at the local precinct and they will arrest me and have me put into an instititution of his choice. he has munchuasens by proxy disease so he likes to pretend that im sick and mislead doctors on medical exams and treatments and he had doctors force drug me, which he will continue to do if he institutionalized me in a mental ward for life.

not for me i just want to get away from this man. he is a pervert and had made sexual remarks and advances to me. i was molested by him and his wife and times when i was an underage child. i dont know him,i did not chose to assosciate with him.

i feel helpless. i am a us citizen.

he also wont let me get a job or apply for money. i cant do that and i cant sign any papaers because he has the court orders. he dosnt want me voting or bettering myself or having friends. he tries to isolate me. i dont want to end up like that woman on the news. i am scared. he also tries to not allow me to have food. i am wasting away becase of this man

again all of my resources are cutt off by this man who physically and sexually abused me.he also murdered a family pet.

my resources are cutt off because

1)police, the local cops are good friends with him, no matter how many times i called they wouldnt arrest him. they also handcuffed me because i called. because he has papers from court what they will do if i call again is place me in a mental institution and drug me and keep me there for a year or lifetime and electrick shock my brain and heavily drug and sedate me whith dangerous people, and or i get electricshock in the hospital with drugs for a year and the get placed in a state residental institution for life or a nursing home with senior citizens

2)he took all of my money, so i cannot pay for a lawyer. i called all the free lawyer services, i called legal aid 20 times and begged them to tears to help me and they said they cannot help me because they dont handle my case, the lawyer assigned to the case talked to the pervert man who went to court against me and hes on the perverts side

3)he is friends with the judge who wrote the case and he has many inside connections to people working with any case

4)if i try to leave him or sneak away and the police find me after he calls to report me then i will be put into a mental insitution where i will be drugged and electrickshocked and kept there for a year or lifetime.

none of those seem reasonable, but this man is dangerous and he can snap his fingers and make things happen. he gets what he wants and he has many big shot connections. what he says goes. he got this order didnt he? and im not a mentally ill or mentally disabled person. he got his buddies who are psychiatrists to write letters about me saying im sick mentally, even tho these psychiatrsits never met me once. they did favors for him

i am sure he did favors back for them too$$

what cAN I DO, im a helpless woman and i need to start a life without entering a looneybin for insane people. if i have to chose between 1 perverted control freak man and 50 crazy mental patients and 50 abusive staff members. id chose 1 person which is why i shut up and stayed still and didnt try to leave. i
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What Can I Do This Man Wont Let Me Go,held Hostage By Batterer Legal?

Postby deryck » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:36 pm

you obviously have access to a computer so you can contact newspapers who may be the way to go
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What Can I Do This Man Wont Let Me Go,held Hostage By Batterer Legal?

Postby Shiye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:17 am

Walk away.

Everything else can be solved after that fact
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