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What To Do Before You Die?

Funeral Insurance, Term Insurance and Burial Insurance

What To Do Before You Die?

Postby Nuallan » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:29 pm

To take pressure off your loved ones, you could:

Buy insurance

Pre-plan your funeral

Write a will

To be on the safe side:

Say a prayer

Above all,

Make sure everyone you care about knows how much you loved them
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What To Do Before You Die?

Postby Drake » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:06 am

Little dudette, if you have ANY assets at all, you should have a will already. You don't assume that you will live to a ripe old age or have some sort of warning before you die. Since you are old enough to understand that your death will have an impact on others you need to have a sit down and discuss what YOU want after your death. Cremated? Buried? Organ donor? Full body donation? Make sure your family is aware of your wishes for after your death - even those members older than you. Make sure they know how far you want things to go if you're in an accident. Life support? For how long? How extreme? Make sure you know all these things about your own family members as well.

If you can read and write (which you obviously can) and have a firm grasp on the concept of death, there is no reason you shouldn't have this talk. Just in case something horrible happens in your family (such as they disagree on what their dead or dying loved one "would" have wanted) it's a good idea to have it in writing as well.

I've lost more than one family member over the years and the hardest ones were the unexpected deaths or the ones that were in denial about their impending death. When you don't step up to the plate and do as much as you can BEFORE it's necessary, it leaves that entire burden on your family. It's hard to think clearly when you're grieving, something I know all too well, and I don't want to leave my family in such a state when it's time for me to kick the big bucket.
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What To Do Before You Die?

Postby Wilburt » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:49 am

I'm not sure....

but all i know is i want to write a book before i die. or maybe just a letter that my family will always have to knoww i love them
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