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What Are Ways To Become Citizen In Canada Or Any Other Gay Friendly Country?

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What Are Ways To Become Citizen In Canada Or Any Other Gay Friendly Country?

Postby Broderik » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:12 am

With your work history and job background, Canada may be the easiest country, followed by the UK.

Since 28th of February 2008 the rules for Canadian applications have taken a serious turn for the worse and it is definitely better to use a good agent these days.
Previously, no matter what a mess you made of it, if you were eligible they HAD to process your application to a final decision.
Now if it looks like too much bother they can just reject your application.
Nowadays CIC can refuse to register even eligible applications.

Whatever you do, make sure the application is not only correct, make sure it LOOKS professional when you submit it.
And that doesn't mean making it pretty.
It is about knowing what is important and what isn't, and what order it should be in.
Having a good agents cover letter does polish it off and needs to be on the very top when the letter gets opened.
If the application is too messy/wrong/hard/complicated/too big/too long/ or just too to wade through they may simply refuse to register it and mail it back

The reason for all this is the fact that the normal Canadian federal immigration system is continuing to descend into chaos with over one million backlogged applications choking the system (this is the system most people apply).
I was at immigration seminar recently where the senior officer was saying they were conceivably facing a 10 year application delay in London Office (probably the fastest office) by the middle of next year.

Now, please bear with me and follow the logic and the maths of what the underlying backlog is actually likely to be if you apply today.

1) The Canadian system only takes about 267,000 applications per year.

2) That means 267,000 (total) get in and 467,000 are lodged! - Each Year!!!.

...and here is the sting in the tail!

Employer sponsored applications jump the Federal queue.
The number of these is sky rocketing to the extent there is now log jam of these as well.

3) If only 50% of the 267,000 come from the employer sponsored stream, then means the 1,000,000 million back log will rise by 337,000 applications per year!! (467,000 lodged minus 130,000 federal processed applications)

4) So 1,000,000 now, rising at 337,000 per year and only 130,00 or so being processed in any one year.

5) Yep...they are right... they have to refuse to accept anything but the simplest applications.

If you do the maths and allow for more of the fast track employer sponsored applications taking the place in the queue for ordinary federal applications, then the queue extends fro ... How Long??.

It is already well over 10 years long even if you apply today.

Because of the chaos, the latest changes were backdated to applications lodged after 28/2/2008.
CIC have now passed a new regulation that allows them to refuse to even register applications they don?t like, even when they are valid and the applicant is eligible to migrate.
Not only that they have given the discretionary power to decide to relatively lowly ranked officers and removed all rights of appeal, even to the minister of Immigration.

These unprecedented amendments effectively mean that having a job offer is so much more important than just speeding up the process.
I think that without one, you can forget applying to Canada from now on unless you are in a professional occupation, and are ready to wait up to 10 years.

So do you apply for jobs on the internet?? Let us think about....identity fraud!

The problem with answering jobs advertised on the Internet or in newspapers is knowing whether the job is real.
Fraudsters can easily advertise a job (it is even free on a lot of internet sites) and request you send them your CV and obtain other information from you.

They now have your name, address and, date of birth and your work history.
They then interact with you in one or two emails, say they are interested, and request ID documentation such as a scan of your passport, drivers licence and a utility bill and a bank statement or letter.
Now they have your name, address, date of birth, passport number and drivers license.
They now know a lot about your life?s work history.
Never divulge personal ID documents over the internet.
The only safe way to deliver the ID requested is to drop it in at the offices of the business, but that is a bit hard when the employer is half way around the world.

Of course, with a job offer you not only jump the queue, because you may be able to go on a PNP program and then there is no point count.

So, the upshot is to use a good agent and job search service than can help you get a job.
It won?t be cheap!! It is difficult for job search professionals living in Canada to get jobs for migrants, even with all of their contacts.
Employers now have to wait from 4 to 5 months (it peaked at 9 to 10 months) to get permission to offer you a job, then there is the application for a visa process which adds more months.
Employers don?t want to have wait, deal with all the paper war and spend all of the money trying to get permission.
Without encouragement and help, they just give up on migrants.
Doing it yourself is absolutely hopeless for most people, never mind the risk of fraud.
- Use a professional!!

Try the folks at www.immigrationunit.com.

They do say they can?t get work for everyone, but they do succeed for many.
You will still need to help with getting the job because you have to do the interview/s etc.
They can only try to point you to an employer.
Still any help is pretty good in the current immigration climate

Anyway, I hope this helps, and the very best of luck
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What Are Ways To Become Citizen In Canada Or Any Other Gay Friendly Country?

Postby Kolskeggr » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:31 am

Move to San Fransisco, CA
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What Are Ways To Become Citizen In Canada Or Any Other Gay Friendly Country?

Postby Ryker » Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:28 pm

Hey just apply like any straight person. Visit the country you wish to move to web site and apply.
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