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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

Postby Mooney » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:41 pm

Aegis - Zeus and Athena's protective shield; modern group of insurance companies (The Aegis Group).

Apollo - God of music; Apollo Theater is a famous music hall in New York city.

Ares - Greek god of war; popular car model.

Argus - Giant watchman with a hundred eyes; Argus Security is a modern security company, specializing in commercial business protection.

Atlas - Was doomed to support the heavens on his shoulders; a modern moving company (Atlas Van Lines); also, Atlas Travel is a popular name for travel agencies all over the globe.

Charon - Boatman who ferries the souls of the dead to the Underworld; www.charon.com, a company "offering solutions for a connected world."

Delphi - Sanctuary to Apollo and home to his famous Oracles; Delphi Forums (www.delphi.com) is an on-line meeting place to promote discussions and to find answers. Delphi is also the name of an international Automotive Group.

Hermes - Olympian Herald and Messenger god; popular brand of soap. Also, the FTD flower delivery company incorporates Hermes and his winged heels in their logo.

Hyperion - Titan whose name means "he who goes before the sun"; a company (www.hyperion.com) that specializes in "business analysis software." Also the name of a book publishing company.

Hydra - Sea serpent with nine heads, killed by Hercules; It's the chosen name (www.hydra.com) of the Internet Chess Club.

Medusa - Terrible monster whose glance would petrify you, killed by the hero Perseus; Medusa Cement Company sells cement products worldwide.

Nike - Winged goddess of Victory, who can run and fly at great speeds; a famous company that sells...well...if you haven't heard of the company Nike, welcome to our planet.

Orion - A giant hunter slain by Artemis in Greek mythology; a motion picture production company, Orion Pictures.

Pandora - The first woman in Greek mythology, whose name means "all-gifted"; Pandora's Gift Boutique sells quality gift merchandise.

Pegasus - Winged horse that was born from Medusa's head when she was killed; Pegasus Expedite Company is a national delivery/courier service; Pegasus Satellite Systems is a provider of satellite entertainment services. The winged horse motif is used by dozens of companies.

Phoenix - A mythical and one-of-a-kind bird that burns on a funeral pyre after a life of hundreds of years, only to be re-born from the ashes; also the name of a national photographic technology company.

Poseidon - God of the Sea and brother of Zeus; Poseidon Travel is a common travel agency name; Poseidon Seafood is a national brand of seafood products. Neptune, the Roman version, is often also used by companies, as in Neptune Fresh Lobster Co.

Titans - Race of gods preceding the Olympians; Titan Tool & Die Company manufactures tools for industry.

Trident - The three-pronged spear of Poseidon, god of the seas; Trident Gum is a popular gum. (Note: 'Tria' is Greek for 'three' and 'donti' means 'tooth'; hence, Trident translates liter
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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

Postby Aedd » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:02 am

Chicken McNuggets.

Are you asking us to do your homework for you or something?

There is an Ajax cleaner out there.
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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

Postby filbert » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:10 pm

Artemis Group


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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

Postby Shawnn » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:07 am

If you'll accept the Roman versions of Greek gods, then the car manufacturers Mercury and Saturn would both qualify.

Mercury's logo is actually a stylized version of the winged sandals that Mercury/Hermes is said to wear.
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What Are Companys Named After Greek Gods?

Postby Oliphant » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:09 pm

Hermes is a fashion line, named after the messenger of the Greek pantheon. Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, is the mailing system at UNCG. Juno, Roman goddess of the home, was the name of a web-browser paired with Net-Zero. Apollo, Greek god of the sun, is a series name for a group of experiments, ships and satelites created by NASA. ~~ Abaddon
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