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What about Primerica?

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What about Primerica?

Postby suttecliff » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:28 pm

Whats your take on this company? Supposedly they specialize in home owners insurance for the middle class but It gets mixed reviews on the web. What is your take on them and why?
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What about Primerica?

Postby derby53 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:33 pm

I've been in Primerica for a few years and I think Primerica is an awesome company that is truly helping middle income families. They don't specialize in homeowner's insurance at all. It is just one of many financial products they market. Primerica is a financial service company that markets term life insurance, mutual funds, retirement plans, education plans, long term care, debt elimination products, prepaid legal, homeowner's insurance, and auto insurance. They will soon be marketing fix rate mortgages too.

Most of the criticism you hear on the web is the business opportunity they offer. Many people don't understand it and some think its illegal for ordinary people to own their own business within a company. Its okay because business opportunities are not for everyone. You will rarely hear any criticism from clients, which there are over 4.2 million of them. Primerica's mission is to help families get out of debt, have proper income protection, and become financially independent. While other companies focus on selling products, Primerica's approach is to educate families about how money work and provide financial solutions to financial challenges.

Also, Primerica gives a complimentary, customized, and confidential financial needs analysis to all their clients. Some companies don't even do this for their clients and others charge hundreds of dollars for it. I've been on some interviews with other financial companies and some of them tailor only to the wealthy class. Some charge over $1000 for a financial needs analysis. However, none of them are business opportunities. They are all sales positions. Yes they would of pay me big commissions, but I don't want to be a sales person forever. Primerica allows me to build my own business and everyone who joins me also has the same opportunity. Eventually my business will run on its own and I will continue to get income from it forever. That's the beauty of owning a business within a company.
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What about Primerica?

Postby baldwinn » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:34 pm

It varies from base shop to base shop. They truly do help their customers, and although the other guy said most of the info...here are some random facts..

1. They are the ONLY Financial Services Co. (besides MetLife, but they work together anyways so it doesn't count) that processed EVERY death Claim on 9/11 within 3 days no questions asked. Almost every Life Insurance Co. denied Death Claim payment on 9/11 because they claimed the event under 'An Act of War' or 'An Act of God'.
2. One of the only Financial Services Companies that will actually pay out a Death Claim to a Soldier in Iraq. Almost no Financial Companies out there will pay out a death claim because they are scared of loosing money but no matter if they're a soldier or not, they believe it's the right thing to do.
3. They work with highly reputable insurance companies, and many of their Reps actually sell products from other companies, such as.... Equifax (for their DebtWatchers Program), Legg Mason, American Funds, Invesco, Franklin Templeton Investments, and Pioneer Investments (for Mutual Funds), MetLife, Genworth Financial (for Other Insurance Needs), Citicorp and AGF Funds supply their Debt Consolidation stuff, and other companies are highly affiliated with the Company. You MUST learn and study about the services they offer to be a good, reputable, agent.
4.They may be expensive, but when you look at a list of what they offer versus other Insurance Companies, it's really surprising of how much they really do for their client.
5. They have won countless awards. Customer Service to Performance wise.
6. It takes hard work and effort to become a good representative, who does the right thing. There are reps out there that give the company a bad image, however there are reps that give it a good image also.
7. Not to brag, but both my parents make pretty good Salaries in it, ($120+/year), and have helped a bunch of families become financially independent. Although I don't want to be in the industry (I'm a Sound Engineer, I love it too much!), it's definitely a valid company once you really do your research on it. If Suze Orman AND David Ramsey both agree on MANY of the practices and services that the company offers, then they must be doing something right... Of course, it's not for everybody, and it shouldn't be either. :)
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