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Welfare... There's Nothing You Can Do About It ?

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Welfare... There's Nothing You Can Do About It ?

Postby Blayze » Fri May 19, 2017 11:46 am

Gotta love paying HIGHER taxes in 2013 after Obama promised they weren't going up... SURPRISE they did......
for everybody taxes went up.

I know a husband / wife who conveniently just got divorced...in Pennsylvania uncontested. They are making so much money now than they did before by agreeing to get divorved and play the system.

She works as a secretetary, and he was into laying fiber optic cable, and electrical stuff.

He was layed off work because he diidn't go, didn't "feel" like it. He went right to the unemployment office after getting "divorced", claimed he was "homeless" and got the max benefits right on the spot.

He now works under the table $ in Ohio and brings in a lot more money.... combined.

She is now considered a single Mother, has two kids, under the CHIP program, she still works 29k annual salary but is considered to be under the poverty threshold. She now receives the EBT or access card, card food stamps for her and her kids, cash subsistance (so does he), Section 8 (pays for rent), LIHEAP pays for heating assitance, has an iphone4 with 250 Obama minues each month, with all the benefits she make close to $60k and he makes ????? Talk about bucking the system, people are doing it bigtime because they can!!! There is NO govermnment oversight....

but plenty of entitlements ourt there to get.

He had pneumonia or bronchitis really bad and told me he sat in the emergency room waiting for four hours as number 37 waiting to be seen, instead he took the bus into town, he flopped around on the ground in front of the dunkin doughnuts a few seconds, the ambulance came and took him to the same hospital that he was just at, but now he is first in line.... he got some meds, and was good to go in less than 30 minutes. He never got or tried to pay the bill.. (he has no address supposedly) and this is what he calls his health insurance and tell people how to do it.

He has been reported... but there's no fraud findings.... he doen't live or at least he says he doesn't kive in the same household as his ex wife.
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Welfare... There's Nothing You Can Do About It ?

Postby Chinmayananda » Fri May 19, 2017 11:14 pm

OK , oh not OK he'd do better in jail and be more stable and watched.Oh again watching cable on taxpayer dollars with wifi.
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