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I Was Merging Into Traffic And Got Hit With All The Finances?

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I Was Merging Into Traffic And Got Hit With All The Finances?

Postby Barth » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:29 am

I have now been dumped with a $3000 bill with the debt collectors because I got into a car accident with this guy. I was on a traffic island waiting for the traffic to all pass, but I got lucky that the pedestrian lights went red and I was just rolling into the lane. The other driver saw that my lane was empty and changed lanes and sped up and hit me. Now as I was rolling in we had an awkward hit because he crumpled my whole left hand side bonnet (we drive always to the left in Australia), and he had a tiny scratch along the front side. I don't even know how this happens since my car is those old 90's car and his car looks 2 years old, but anyway he was the asshole type where he parked so far ahead of my car I had to walk roughly 500 metres and he didn't get out of the car, just grumbled at me. Since I don't even know who's fault it is and I didn't have 3rd party insurance at the time because I had just got my licence, his insurance company bullied me and told me I rear ended him. I don't know if he went home and smashed his boot but the claims were wild, and my sister was in the car with me and she was pretty confused about the claims too. I think it was a 50/50 hit, I was merging before he changed lanes but I could be completely wrong. But for the damage on his car I could fix with $2 nail polish, now I have debt collectors harassing me for $3000 which I am paying off but they don't want $5 a week not to mention my own finances of another $3000 fixing my own car which crumpled like play dough.
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I Was Merging Into Traffic And Got Hit With All The Finances?

Postby MacAulay » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:56 pm

lane changes are generally 50/50 so you're right about that.
I don't entirely understand the story, but basically you have to look at where the damage is on both vehicles.
If his damage is only on the side, then there is no proof that you rear ended him, if the damage is on the back of his bumper, then it does support that you rear ended him.
Demand to see pictures of the damage to his vehicle, if the only damage is on the side then I would fight paying the entire bill and I would also demand 50% of my damages be paid by his insurance company.
If they threaten to take you to court, let them and then they can explain why they are trying to put 100% of the blame on you when the damages are to the side of the vehicle which supports a lane change accident where both parties were changing into the lane at the same time.
Take pictures of the damage to your car, get pictures of the damage to your car, if it is ONLY side damage then you have a strong claim IMO that it was a lane change accident and 50% liability should be assessed for each party.
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