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Was my claim accepted? Unemployment is confusing me. Here's the details.?

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Was my claim accepted? Unemployment is confusing me. Here's the details.?

Postby amaury » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:59 pm

So when I log into my online claim account, here's what they tell me as far as my claim status goes:

Your claim for the weeks ending Apr 2, 2011 and Apr 9, 2011 was processed on Apr 13, 2011 . No payment was made because you were disqualified for this period. A written determination has been or will be issued.Your remaining balance is $XXXXXX.XX If you have not received a payment we said was issued more than seven postal mail delivery days ago, contact the Unemployment Claims Telecenter to request an Affidavit of Loss to reissue the payment. The first business day of each week is our peak period so please be patient if calling on that day.

So this notification is obviously pertaining to all the information up to April 13th. However, in the mail the other day I got a paper saying that a decision was made and I am eligible for a claim starting March 27th. AND the date on that paper was April 14th. Here is what I received.

FACTS: you have an unemployment insurance claim effective 3/27/2011 with a weekly benefit amount of $XXX.XX.

So this paper was dated April 14th. So since these dates are so close together I am unsure what this means. The paper came with 4 pages. The first page was the page saying I had an effective claim open starting the 27th, but then there was 3 pages following that with steps about how to appeal the decision. Anybody have some experience with this? I just need a little help. Thanks!
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Was my claim accepted? Unemployment is confusing me. Here's the details.?

Postby gavriel71 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:12 pm

With unemployment, you have to report weekly to get the payment that you are eligible for. After you file there is a week lead time after your last paycheck where you don't get paid. Then you start receiving a check once a week, but you have to report or you won't get it. Go to your local office and they will tell you exactly what you have to do and they will explain your letter. If you have been reporting regularly, I would think they would send checks retroactive to the date, but only they know for sure so go ask.
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