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I Was In A Car Accident That I Didnt Cause?

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I Was In A Car Accident That I Didnt Cause?

Postby Braemwiella » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:26 am

I was driving my sisters car that she let me borrow. I was driving home from school. I was in the second lane away from the curb when a parked lady decides to turn in to a turn pocket to the left of me, without looking who was coming from behind. When I saw her she was already to close for me to me so I had to swerve my car onto the left and basically turn with her. My car got the biggest impact. I'm getting xrays done. But I feel pretty fine. The lady was also driving a car that didn't belong to her and also didn't have a California drivers lisence. My family doesn't like taking legal action. But I fear that that will be the only solution because both of our insurances wont cover it. What should I do? I have a valid license. She was ticketed for not having one.
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