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This is something that I dont get or maybe I do understand but I just dont accept this argument about unions..?

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This is something that I dont get or maybe I do understand but I just dont accept this argument about unions..?

Postby jason83 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:36 am

People always say here in the USA that unions became too greedy. I can see that to a certain point, but when unions ask to better represent their people, they are called greedy. It is okay for companies to ship work to other countries where the companies take advantage of poor working conditions and the companies make more profit. How is that not greedy?

IN the USA, when things were built in the US and employess had good benefits, jobs, and Health insurance that most people could afford, products lasted and they were quality products. Not to put down other countries, but the US led the way with fairness for the employees and in quality manufacturing, not to mention jobs for the US people. Now, look where the US is.

I realize that Unions have their disadvantages, but still, I find the overall argument against unions to be weak at best. Why are not the companies being called greedy? 1% versus 99%?
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This is something that I dont get or maybe I do understand but I just dont accept this argument about unions..?

Postby arkwright37 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:38 am

Unions are made up of the workers, who have given elected individuals the authority to represent them. These individuals are elected and are obligated to represent the rank and file. Like any politician these individuals are corruptible, much like our nations elected individuals. On many occasions the elected individuals, have to be elected. Some of these positions pay great salaries and they want to stay there. What better way to gain support in your election then to promise and subsequently get pay concessions from the company. It is a political tool, high wages. A poor political tool is to raise union dues. Now union dues can be increased provided the elected individuals get wage increases. Higher wages for the employees, more union dues, more pay raises for elected individuals. Now we all know, politicians are politicians because they are lazy, yet greedy. Ask,most rank and file union members and they will tell you, they understand the benefits of a union but the hate the officials in that union -- unless wages are high and dues are low. The companies are owned by families or a board of directors who in turn are owned by majority stock holders). When you invest, do you not expect a return for your money? Greed is nation wide, everyone is greedy in this country. We drive gigantic cars that suck fuel, which sends money overseas. We spend like sailors when it comes to the newest gadgets, again sending money overseas. So, we are all in this together. If you economize, spend frugally and buy what is made in America, then unions flourish, companies flourish and we flourish. Then again, we must buy from our allies and those who support the principles of the United States. Yet, we buy a majority from countries overseas that would see us destroyed. Again, yet we let our greatest allies, the European economy falter. It is bigger then company or union greed.
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