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Is There Any Way To Remove A Person From Their Parent's Insurance Without Their Parents Cooperation?

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Is There Any Way To Remove A Person From Their Parent's Insurance Without Their Parents Cooperation?

Postby Broehain » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:12 pm

This is a very long and dramatic story that I'd rather not recount. I'm not a fan of gossip. The short story, and the only part that matters at the moment, is that my girlfriend is pregnant and we are taking steps to start our lives together. We have our own house and a car, we are both students at a community college at the moment, I'm trying for a job and we are working on getting programs that will help us transition to this. Medicaid, SNAP, and maybe TANF. For now, all that really matters is the Medicaid. We were approved for it, but her parents still have her under their health insurance. Many people would say just use their insurance. Most people would be fine with that solution. The issue in this situation is that her parents refuse to allow her to use their insurance. She's never even seen the card unless she needed to go to the doctor. Her parents are using the insurance as leverage to try to force her to move back in with them. They've been abusive and manipulative so far and are doing quite a bit of harm. My girlfriend has already missed her first doctor visit for examination to make certain that there are no complications with her pregnancy. She needs to go, and she needs to go as soon as possible. She was approved for outpatient medicaid and would receive full medicaid when we bring in the rest of the information. The problem is that she is still under her parents insurance and that is akin to medicaid fraud. When we went for the appointment, we were told that we couldn't use the medicaid and that we couldn't use the parents insurance because we didn't have the card. I've been searching for ways to remove yourself from a parents insurance policy, but I have found nothing useful so far. Any help is appreciated.
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