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The Answer To This Life Question?

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The Answer To This Life Question?

Postby welborne2 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:04 am

I had a really troubled life since I was a young kid. My older brother and I don't talk very much and throughout high school I never had the same opportunities or tools the other kids had. I never had the big family or anything like that. When I turned 19 I joined the USMC and became a Sergeant. It was a heartbreaking roller coaster because the USMC was a bunch of bull****. Stupid people and morons that just loved to hear themselves talked. Officers that bullied the enlisted knowing they couldn't do anything about it. I discharged honorably and I wanted to pursue my dream of being a Pharmacist. I used my G.I. bill and I am about to finish my 2nd year of studies. I took an extra year so that I could play catch up and I learn now that whereas I am getting mostly A's and B's in my courses not all of them will count towards grad school admissions and my GPA is going to flatline. I am nowhere near a 4.0 and I have to pay $200 for the PCAT. It looks as though I am going to get the all too common rejection letter. My wife and I are together and she loves me dearly but it's all for not as I feel like we are drifting further and further apart. I took my calculus exam re-test (since the first 1 was a 21) and he said it should be a C....granted everyone else in the class hates this too because his grading systems are absolutely terrible, but I digress. I will most likely get a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and not be admitted to grad school for anything medical related or even chem related. The job market sucks and I feel everything I fought for in the USMC has been for nothing as America is long gone. I feel that a lot of the teachers at this college are more concerned with their students failing and getting "weeded out" rather than teach them. I have been accepted as a transfer student to another college but I just feel like my life is out of control. I wanted to play college football but that didn't work because the time committment was too great for me to keep up with my studies and my grades are still sub-par so now I regret not playing and my eligibility to play is about over since I am now 25. I won't be a Pharmacist, and I wish I had picked a different major but it's too late as I can't afford a major switch now. I could always go be a police officer but my eye sight sucks (thanks God) and also I am in terrible shape since my gym time was sacrificed to keep up as well. I had to get a job on top of everything to help the wife support things. I hate my job because it's in the downtown ghetto and I have to smile and deal with morons every day that need a punch in the mouth a few hundred times. My dreams crushed, my life in a tornado, and my decisions in life leading be down a dead end I feel there is nothing left for me. Despite my best efforts I won't have a career, a house, or anything I worked so hard for. My time in the USMC was a wasted invetment and life is only getting worse. I thought of myself as a strong person but honestly I am just a weak one. With things going like they are I see nothing left for myself. I considered ending my life on more than one occasion and as these sub-par grades keep coming in the bullet only looks more and more friendly to ease my pain. Honestly the only reason I haven't yet is because the Bible claims that God doesn't forgive suicide. So instead I get to suffer for decades and go to hell anyways. This is long and it's terrible I know but I just need someone else's perspective that can be objective with me. I also can't re-take courses because Pharmacy schools look down on that and it's basically a "you're not getting in" mark on the transcript. In my calc class for example the final is worth 25% each exam is worth 15%. So 1 poor grade on any of these and you're essentially screwed. I don't know what to do or what the best option is. Please can anyone help?
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The Answer To This Life Question?

Postby Walby » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:16 pm

How long did you spend in the Marine core?

Does it have to be pharmacy?

I ask that, because that is like an 8-10 year program. And if you are in your 30's now, that is just a bit late in the game.

Can you do something else in healthcare, like nursing? That is a faster in and out.

I understand how you feel. Trust me.

Thank you for your service.
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