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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Shonn » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:34 pm

Please don't judge me. Or tell me how stupid it is, because I'm pretty sure I know it's pretty stupid. Let me start off by saying I'm 15, and a sophomore in high school. I'll be 16 in July. I go to school online(homeschool) because I've been seriously depressed and I wasn't focusing on school. Anyways, I want to get pregnant. I'm not a.."hoe", I don't have sex with a bunch of different guys, or go to parties constantly, drink accessively or do drugs. I don't have a boyfriend, and quite frankly I don't want one. I want to be a mother, and I want to be a single mother. I know that I'd be too overprotective of my child to have a man telling him/her what to do, and what to act like. I know it'd be harder than I realize. I know it's pretty stupid. But I'm really mature for my age, and I want this baby. Not because I want to be on mtv, not because I want too look "cool." I just seriously think I'm ready. Not everyone starts a future at the same age right? And I'd be super close to him/her because we wouldn't be that far of an age difference. I don't want them so I can have another friends, and I'm not trying to be like the gilmore girls or anything. I just really think, that I could make it work. That I could have a brighter future. Are there anyways or tips you have that could help get me pregnant? Like, fertility pills, certain foods, medicine, ways of acting. Please, I need help with this. And I know this is beside the point, I'd love either child I had, but I really want a daughter. Is there any methods to help get a girl? I know theres a spinning or something, but I mean something I'm old enough to get. Btw, I've been saving up money, and I'm getting a job, so I'm gonna use my money wisely on my child. Please answer. Thanks guys xo.
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Fardoragh » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:52 am

Is this for real?
You've been saving up money? How much do you have? $200? I've spent $2700 on just doctor bills and my baby isn't even born yet, and I have TWO insurances, not just one. A part time minimum wage job at 16 will get you a whopping $500 a month tops.You'd spend the entire pregnancy working just to hopefully afford the actual birth. So, the majority of expenses would fall on your mom, which does indeed make you a real lowlife and totally brings you in the spotlight to be judged.
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Brent » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:34 pm

Ok were 2 start... um yes it is ok to have a kid at a young age don't mean u will be a bad mom or anything just means u will have a hard time and say goodbye 2 lot! But with that said I think it is really stupid to want to have one at 15 if your not married, u don't know were life is going to take u! Haven a kid is not something u can just take back when latter down the road and if u think u are ready talk with your mom & if u feel like u can't talk to her then no your not ready! I don't think anyone is ready at 15! I had my baby at 15teen so I know! Luckily I married the man! And now I'm 22! And I'm still might not be ready for a 2 baby! I'm telling u if I could of know better I would of not has sex and had a baby because IV lost out on a lot and when u think u can handle going to school, getting things u want, going out, haven a life, nope because Lil money u will have it always goes on the kid or bills or the house!! U don't even have a job yet less on your own house! Ok get a job! Get a court order saying as under age u can leave home and prove u can take care of your self get a house and go to the doctor and talk with them let them know u don't want a babydaddy just a baby and u can prove your ready! That only if u really want to END your young life now :) truthfully DONT DO IT!!!! Wait a little lover at lest!!
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Durrell » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:49 pm

So, you are at home, being home-schooled because of your depression. Because you have issues with school.
Now, do you really think that by having a baby will make your depression go away, and your issues with school go away.
Think about that please, before you even think about bringing a baby into the world.
Honey, you have to get your depression under control, first, do well in school so you can get a job, so then you will be able to provide for you and your child, and you have to get your life in order now.
You have to figure out and deal with your depression and your issues that you have now with school, you have so much on your plate now, that by bringing a child into this world would only add to your problems.
Get your life in order, and your depression under control, and wait a few more years to even start thinking about being a mom.
You have to get more stable, and your feet under you and your life in order, after you do that, then you will be really ready to have a child.
Right now, you are not, you are too emotionally unstable to add a child to your plate right now, you have plenty of time, get your life under control, take care of your issues that you have with school, and then you will be in a much better state of mind to think about your future.???
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby tamas55 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:20 pm

well have you spoken to your parents about your need to have baby? i seriously suggest you do before you go into things because if you don't want the baby to have a father its just going to be you on your own. But what would happen to the baby if something happened to you? the baby would either go into care or to your parents so they need to be aware of your decision because it sounds like at your age you are going to need all the help you can get.
if you have been depressed lately is it really a good idea to have a baby? are mentally stable enough to bring up a child on your own? what will you do on days when you feel especially down? will you be able to live through endless nights of no sleep and constant feeding, changing and caring?
once you have this baby your childhood will be wiped away. your whole life will be devoted to this child and any decision you make will have to made in consideration of your child. i am asking you to seriously think about this right now. maybe if you could just hold on a few years, wait for you to get over you depression, to make sure this child has a happy and carefree life.
please see a councilor or a doctor about your need to have a baby before you go into all of this, if you don't want to talk to your parents. don't you think your child would have a better life if its mother was older with a career and a stable life? or if it's mother was still a child herself, no job, no qualifications, no stable place to live (unless you live with your parents) and depression haunting her teenage years.

I understand you really want a baby you sound like you are quite mature for your age but before you decide to have a baby please consider theses vital things. i am sure you will be a wonderful mother in the future bet right now you have your whole life ahead of you with so many mistakes and memories to make.
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Fortunato » Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:23 pm

The bottom line is that you're only fifteen. I'm not saying you don't want to have a child but you're too young. How do you plan on supporting you and your child at fifteen alone. Don't expect your parents to do it for you. You need to wait until you can support a child on your own. Also, you need to deal with your depression and getting good grades before you consider having a child. You need to focus on getting your life in order before even thinking about bringing a child into this world.
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Bent » Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:17 pm

I am a perent and i know that even though you might want to get pregnant its not the best idea.
Im not saying its stupid I'm just saying that your not ready and I think that you should focus on school instead.
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Teen Pregnancy? Please Tell Me There Are More People Like Me..?

Postby Dalwyn » Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:45 am

Do yourself a favor, re-read everything you just wrote. There are two sentences that show you should not be having a child already.

The first one being...... "I go to school online(homeschool) because I've been seriously depressed and I wasn't focusing on school." --- First of all, if you're too depressed to go to school, do not have a child. Yes, they are cute and I can understand why you would want one, but they are a lot more work then you realize. Chances are, if you're already depressed, it will only get worse during pregnancy due to your CRAZY hormones and even worse after the baby is born because better chances are, you won't get a good night sleep for quite some time. I don't know about anyone else, but if I don't get good sleep, I am not a happy person. If you have a screaming child keeping you up at all hours of the night and you're already a depressed person and you have no energy, what could happen? Plus, with you already being too depressed to go to school, you're chances of having postpartum depression during/after pregnancy are really high. I've met some of the sweetest woman who ended up getting PPD and they had dreams and urges of smothering, throwing, beating, or even worse, killing their children, and it scared them terribly. Now mix in you're already depression then add on the PPD, you're setting yourself and that child up for a horrible life or even death. And if your too depressed to go to school, how are you going to get up and take care of that baby every day? You having a child would only set your parents up for being parents again, when they don't want to be. That is very selfish of you.

Second sentence being... "And I'd be super close to him/her because we wouldn't be that far of an age difference." ---- This right here, is a ridiculous, outlandish, terrible thought/idea when it comes to your child. You shouldn't be close in age, that's not something you should strive for and honestly, you should be embarrassed that this even came to mind when you thought of having a child at 15/16. Being "close in age" will not make you two closer. It's the love, the bond, and the emotion that makes a mother close to her child, not close age. Studies show that more children that grow up with a "young parent" end up having a bad relationship with that parent, so why would you do that to yourself and that child?
The idea of you PLANNING to get pregnant at 16 is selfish, immature and stupid. You think you that you can do it, but really you have no idea. Having a child as a teen is hard, and often too much for them, why do you think so many teen parents have their parents taking care of the kid most of the time? You have so much youth and years before you should have a baby. You say you want to be a single mother, why? If your parents seen this, I would hope they would lock you away in your room and feed you through a slot in your door because you're obviously as dumb as they come.

The fact you come to yahoo answers and ask for way to get pregnant at 16, SHOWS YOU'RE IMMATURE! Babies should not have babies, you are NOT an adult and no where NEAR being an adult.

And you've saved up money? What your birthday and christmas money? You're going to get a job? If you want to have a baby, why don't you already HAVE a job? You think the money you'll make working part time, getting paid every two weeks will pay for Diapers? Formula? Clothes? Doctors visits? Bottles? Wipes? A stroller and a carseat? A crib? A changing table? Sheets? Daycare?
To give birth in the United States right now, it costs roughly $16,000-$30,000. Do you have good insurance? How about your doctors visits and ultrasounds? Got money for that?
You're a f--u--cking IDIOT. That's all. You've been judged.
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