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Taking A Contractor Job?

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Taking A Contractor Job?

Postby Delbert » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:30 am

Guys, I am thinking about taking a contractor job(IT field) offer. The problem is since being contractor, the company doesnt offer any health benefits, you have to go through your recruiting agnecy(according to the compnay). The agency said they dont really have any plans either other than they can recommend some names. So pretty much I am on my own, I guess. Its my first contractor job and currently I am FT through another company. So I dont know all these procedures/formaltiies I need to ask/know before I sign up anything through this agency. So how does this work? Any advices/suggestions from people currently working as contractors???? Should I ask for a higher paycheck since I am paying my own insurance (100%) or is it even a good idea? My wife is pregnant, in her 4th month now and so its gona cost a lot.

Please help....
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Taking A Contractor Job?

Postby Isaiah » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:24 pm

as a contractor you are not covered by unemployment insurance, workers compensation, or any labor laws....

as a contractor if you want health insurance, short or long term disability, or any type of retirement account you must purchase those plans yourself....

as a contractor you pay your own medicare and social security (no employer paid contributions)....

now as a contractor you can write off a lot of expenses that as an employee you can not,


what is the pay difference? is it worth it to you?
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