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Stopped Loosing Weight?

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Stopped Loosing Weight?

Postby Cater » Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:45 pm


So I started Insanity and 24 hour diet (Intermittent Fasting) were I would eat at one time and then not eat for the next day untill the same time, I was still able to drink water diet drinks.

The thing is its now Ramadan and I have to keep all the fasts for a month, When I was dieting I ate at around 11.30 and then on the next day same time. With ramadan I eat at 9 at night and then wake up at 2am and eat again thats when I close my fast and then cant eat or drink anything untill around 9pm.

I still do all my other exercises e.g. Insanity everyday, I do not know why I am not loosing any weight? In fact I think im putting weight back on? I was 153lbs and now (2 weeks later) I am 141lbs. Please help me.

I do not want to go to a 24 hour fast as this is seriously hard by eating at 9pm everyday. I had the time set to 11.30 as I would eat and then stay awake till 11 at night and then go sleep and the following day ready to eat again at 11.30

What can I do to keep loosing weight?

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Stopped Loosing Weight?

Postby Caly » Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:59 am

My best guess would be that, what with so many changes to your lifestyle recently, your body would not be willing to change. Once you have found a stable, consistent diet, you will start noticing changes. Right now, your body will be holding onto all the fat, because of all the recent changes. I am not a doctor though, and if you are concerned, I would ask a professional.
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