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Spine Injures In Car Accident, What Am I Entitled To?

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Spine Injures In Car Accident, What Am I Entitled To?

Postby Clarance » Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:58 pm

I was involved in a car accident on Monday. I was T boned on the drivers side by a distracted driver who ran a stop light. I was knocked unconscious and pulled from the car by the paramedics. I was taken to the er but released. Upon a visit to the chiropractor I was found to have abnormal curvature of the spine cause by traumatic force. Had I entered the intersection a split second earlier I would be dead, as she hit me at 50 mph and never tried to stop. No skid marks, I was about 30 seconds away from my daughters preschool entrance, had she been in the car she would be dead As well and the funeral would have been held on her birthday. There is much more to the case as far as facts go, but I was most definitely not at fault. Proven by the witnesses and police report. My car was totaled and I can no longer work because of the pain. I have not spoken to the insurance company yet. Help? Do I have a good enough case for a lawyer?
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Spine Injures In Car Accident, What Am I Entitled To?

Postby Lyam » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:21 am

All this since Monday? Wow...
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Spine Injures In Car Accident, What Am I Entitled To?

Postby Morcan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:22 am

Problem 1:

Many chiropractors "find" something wrong with everyone who goes to a chiropractor, even if they have not been in a car accident.
The fact that a chiropractor says you have abnormal curvature does not mean that it is abnormal or that it was caused by the accident.
It only means that you went to a chiropractor.

Problem 2:

Once someone goes to a chiropractor, they often have pain, because they were at a chiropractor.
There is usually no way to prove whether the pain was from the chiropractor or from the car accident.

You are entitled to be reimbursed for the car and the ER bill, because you were at the ER before you went to the chiropractor, so that can't be the chiropractor's fault.

You are not entitled to anything for pain or for being unable to work, unless there is medical evidence, from a physician, not a chiropractor, of whether the pain and inability to work were caused by the accident or by the chiropractor.
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Spine Injures In Car Accident, What Am I Entitled To?

Postby beth2 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:46 am

This just happened six days ago and you're already sure that you're permanently disabled AND you have only been to one chiropractor appointment AND were treated and released from the hospital? Have you even seen a doctor? A real one, not a chiropractor...

AND you haven't even spoken to your insurance company yet.

With all these things missing, how could ANYONE give you even a guess how much you're entitled to? You don't even have a diagnosis. The insurance company doesn't even know about the incident.

And all your " could- haves" ... my daughter COULD have been in the car and got killed, etc etc and I COULD have been killed one second earlier, etc etc mean nothing. The fact is, those things didn't happen, and you can't sue for could-haves
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