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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Aronne » Wed May 17, 2017 3:00 pm

Hello. I am 17yrs old and plan to start a small snow removal business or help. (I will manage don't worry, I am a football player and have the stenght and 6ft and 2")

I live in a good neighbourhood where I think I can get about 10 costumers for each snow fall. I plan to get a snow blower which is about $600-800, also have a van to carry by equipment around the street.

My concerns are these.

1) Lets say there is a lot of snow one morning, how early do my costumers wants they're drive way cleaned, because my school starts at 7. If there is a good amount of snow we get a late start which is at 9. Or maybe no school.

2) What kind of documentations do i need? i live in MA

3) Is it worth it?

A season contract is about $400

Per push is about $30

Thank You
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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Radmund » Fri May 19, 2017 12:56 pm

I have a friend that does this, he just puts a business card in people's mail slots to get the word out. Chances are, you'll have to get up super early and plow the drives and walks before the people have to go to work. Sometimes it is steady work and sometimes not so much. It's really a determination thing. If you believe you will make profit, sit down and do the math. Don't charge too much for your services, but don't charge too little that you won't get anything out of it.
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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Kenny » Fri May 19, 2017 6:16 pm

1. People expect there snow to be cleared as soon as it stops falling or in between falls if it is going to be more then 4in or so. The drive ways would need to be cleared for sure before people went to work because that is one of the main reasons people hire a company to do the work.

2. Documents you will probably need is insurance for your vehicle and possibly business insurance

3. It is worth it if you are willing to put in the work. You say you have about 10 customers and $30 per snow fall thats $300 per snow fall, so after it snows 3 times, you made your money back for the blower and its all profit other then gas for your equipment.

I started a snow business when I was 16 and when I turned 20 I had it grown into a total lawncare and landscape company, I know have over 100 lawn accounts and the majority of them also get snow removal and some other side jobs done as well. I would say it is well worth it if your willing to work hard.
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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Dell » Wed May 24, 2017 9:42 am

I'm 17 aswell started my own lawn care buisness a year ago I'm 6,4 280 ( not a small guy) I use a 24 inch snow blower aswell as a 45 inch snow blower and a lawn tractor with a 6ft blade total I have about 10 grand in snow removal but I make about 8 grand a winter my buissness clears about 40 grand in highschool the one thing I stress ADVERTISE this is big and not cheap I spend 300-400 A WEEK In advertisement don't do contracts fewer pepole will use you a back pack blower works we'll on light stuff and a grass seeder full of salt helps with ice! Best of luck my email [email protected] if you have any more questions
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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Waverly » Wed May 24, 2017 6:59 pm

My first point is that you should get a professional grade two stage snow blower a simple, one stage $600-$800 snow-blower won't cut it, it has to be tall and wide, and these cost quite a bit($1000-$2000) such as these:http://www.snowblowersdirect.com/quick_s...

and if the houses aren't in close proximity you need to add a atv trailer to your car suv or truck to carry the blower around:http://www.google.com/search?q=tow+trail...

but the professional grade machines are worth it and it should be stored on a tow behind trailer for easy put in and take out. You need to save up more money and think about whether you should invest in a snow blower (takes longer but better quality removal in the end and requires maintenance, trailer to carry it around and more in fuel cost) or a snow plow which requires modifications to a truck (total $5000-$10000) and a good snow blower to clean off the walkways that is quick and easy to use preferably 4 cycle and one stage (quicker, more mobile, requires less effort but costs more.

1) You need to remove the snow before they wake up and head off to work, this requires careful planning each snow storm-this is hard to do with you having school and all but- 4:00- 6:00 AM would be perfect but you have to be fast and do as many as you can within that time period this means blowing or plowing throughout the snowstorm then blowing the snow after the street plows come, also you should blow or plow the snow around areas they have to walk meaning in front of mailboxes and in areas where they put there trash- that is something the high quality companies lack in doing the important areas.
You can expect the equipment costs to be quite steep at these initial stages and for this reason you might find leasing to be an appropriate solution. As part of your arsenal you will also be well advised to invest in an ice-melter and a couple of shovels.

Apart from the said equipment you need to have the right attire for the job given that you will be working in the cold. You will need waterproof and insulated clothing and gloves, plus the appropriate footwear. Your snow removal venture needs to look professional right from the start and a simple way of doing this is by having the name and number of your business printed on your work attire and/or on your truck.

2) You definitely need insurance and you need to contact your local municipal authority to find out what licenses you need for your commercial snow removal business, it all depends where you do your business in MA each area has different rules and you need to contact the local authorities!

3) Its worth it if you get a good basis, you have to spend money to make money, in this case you need to buy better equipment in the future and need to be able to pay off the maintenance and other costs-such as fuel and you need good advertising. Go around placing advertisements where you can at a flat price per storm and make that into a contract using legal terms and making it a good deal for your people. A good price would be $25 per storm per a house- but you have to make sure it includes the costs for the house plus a bit of profit. I have a truck with a plow and I have a honda single stage to remove snow in my area and it takes quite a bit of calculating to compete with other people, last year in the snow "drought" I only got around $500 total I have 25 of clients, that only gave me around $150 profit, you need to think this through quite a bit, you will have bad years and good years and its worth it if the season has a lot of snow.

Best of luck
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Snow Removal Small Business. How It Works?

Postby Karsten » Thu May 25, 2017 9:16 am

A 4 wheeler might want to be iffy, you'll a minimum of want one with 4 wheel stress or perhaps then you particularly'd likely ought to take it of one inch at a time, i might want to check out a high-quality snow blower and save an excellent form of money. i have not heard the time period 4 wheeler in a lengthy time period and that made me chuffed.
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