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Is Simoniz Glass Coat Paint Protection worth buying?

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Is Simoniz Glass Coat Paint Protection worth buying?

Postby rioghbhardan » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:06 am

I am buying a new car and I would like to keep it looking nice. The sales associate helping me buy the car tells me that they offer a premium Simoniz glass coat paint and DuPont fabric protection for $595. 2012 model year comes with a 7 year -can't fix it, they'll replace it- no deductible warranty for the paint, the seats and carpets. 2011 is 6 years, '10 is 5 years, '09 is 4 years.

It covers a multitude of things, including: Sun Fading, Tree Sap, All Insects (they have acidity and eat away at paint after building up on grill, etc..) Fresh Paint, Road Salt, etc.
The Fabric (or Leather) is covered from anything consumable, blood, urine, vomit, lipstick, soda's juices, road salts etc.

The Dealership is very reputable, the salesperson was highly recommended, but I can't find any positive trusted 3rd party reviews.

1) Is this a quality product?

2) Is this worth $595

3) Is Zurich reputable? (warranties and insurance--the company who offer the warranty for the product and the vehicle's, extended warranty, gap insurance, life insurance, etc..)
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Is Simoniz Glass Coat Paint Protection worth buying?

Postby freddie » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:11 am

You basically are paying for the warranty when it comes to paint and fabric protection plans.....paint protection is just a good quality wax and fabric protection is the same thing you can buy at home centers by 3M called Scotchgard for 10.00 or less. Modern cars with two stage, clear coat paints hold up very well already to tree sap, bugs, fading, acid rain, etc... with good waxes like Mothers or Meguiars applied...no need to add a supposed superior protection....just wax the car twice a year with a good quality wax or as soon as water stops beading up on the surface. The clear coat paint is three to four times thicker than the color coat and is designed to allow for buffing or block sanding/clay bar methods to remove surface impurities. I usually had my cars detailed every year with a wax/buff job and sprayed with 3M Scotchgard.

Can't say whether Zurich is reputable but some paint protection plan companies have gone belly up in the past which leaves you with no warranty. Ask around and see how long the company has been in business/references/BBB?. Can you transfer the warranty to a new owner when you sell the car? extra cost? Paint and fabric plans can add some value at resale but usually not very much compared to initial cost.

As for me, I'd save the money and just buy other products....it's just a way for dealers to make extra profit on car sales. If anything depending on where you live/road conditions/travel, I would opt for a clear chipguard application to the leading edges of the hood, grille, bumper and wheel well areas/rocker panels/lower fender and 1/4 panels to prevent stone chips from damaging the paint and leading to rust and lower resale value. Some are sprayed on and some are applied in clear plastic sheets but beware of cheap systems which can yellow over time.....check around for pricing on that if so desired. Bodyshops and dealers can apply them.
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