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Should The Life Insurance Money Be Used To Pay For Funeral?

Funeral Insurance, Term Insurance and Burial Insurance

Should The Life Insurance Money Be Used To Pay For Funeral?

Postby Friduwulf » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:04 am

My Brother suddenly passed away 2 1/2 months ago at the age of 50. He was single and no children. Our parents passed away last year. Survivors are myself and 2 sisters, nieces and nephews. He had life insurance available only through his work. My brother had put the oldest sister as the beneficiary.  This sister has also hired an attorney to represent my brothers estate and wanting her name as the executor. I guess for that to happen she would have to have signatures of the other heirs. Meaning my other sister, myself and 5 nieces and nephews.(We also lost a sister a few years ago, and she left 5 children, who are now part of the estate) Nobody wants to sign  leaving her soley in charge. We even asked if another name could be added with hers and she wont have anything to do with it. She wants her name ONLY on the papers.  Her threat now is if we dont sign leaving her executor than it will have to go supervised and that his funeral expenses and tombstone will be taken from all of our inheritance. We're aware that she dont have to include the 50K she received in the estate and that she can do as she pleases.  My question is can we contest to that as far as the funeral & tombstone she should use some of that money.  She is married and has never depended on his income. Is there anything we can do?
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Should The Life Insurance Money Be Used To Pay For Funeral?

Postby Fajer » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:01 pm

I feel for you in your situation and apologize that I cannot provide a more definitive answer, however the questions you're asking would be better reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate issues than to an insurance agent.  These are legal matters and not insurance or insurance product-related issues.   Sorry to not be able to be of more assistance but I am not able to provide legal advice.


Mike Feinberg
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