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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby Huw » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:16 am

I have schizophrenia and I am on disability for it. I have been applying for jobs and have an interview with a temp agency. I will only take temporary to permanent jobs, should I take the chance? What if they don't hire me permanent? Then I'll have no disability and no job when it ends so I won't be able to survive financially or eat. Also, I usually get sick when I work and lose the job but since I have been on disability, I have been fine and really want to go back to work.

Also, the jobs that call me back aren't enough money to get an apartment. Even on ssd, I can't get an apartment because section 8 is not open in my town. I am worried that when my parents pass away, I will have to live in my car and be homeless. I don't know what to do. I won't be in a better position if I take the job or stay on disability. If I do take the job, I will stop taking my meds so who knows how long I would last. But I'm a very high functioning schizophrenic when I feel fine. No one would even guess that I had it.
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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby Williamson » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:45 pm

i saw your answer yesterday but i couldnt answer it cause ive done my 80 and couldnt send you an email either so i put you as a contact so i could save the question and answer it today, anyways i know all about schizophrenia, cause several people in my family have it, my twin has it and my half sister has it and my brother is bipolar,

if you do take a job make sure you have health insurance or dont take it, you might think you dont need the meds but thats why you feel fine, if you go off it youre going to have a big problem on your hands, you could end up back in the psych ward, if i was you i wouldnt take a job unless it had health insurance , its the meds that are making you feel fine, or take a part time job and then you can keep medicaid going, im going thru something similar right now, i have to be careful what type of job i get, i lost mine because of several surgeries , 2 hip ones and a knee one and the resort i was at didnt want to wait for me to heal up, so i had to leave, im having allergy problems and im on medicaid right now and theyre paying for my allergy shots, i cant just quit them cause my throat and toungue swell up so i have to get something with health benefits or pay for the shots myself, if you want a job without benefits just pay for your meds yourself, the reason noone can guess you have it is because of the meds, i wouldnt recommend going off them or youre going to have a problem big time,

if you cant get section 8 try hud, i got a hud apartment right now, resort hire people and give them room and board so you'll have money for meds that way since you wont have to buy groceries and they pay you, i know cause ive worked in resorts for yrs myself. if a job is going to mess with your medical needs dont even take it, thats what im doing, just take something that wont interfere with it or volunteer so youre not sitting home all the time, im working with ovr to get another job, they work with disabled people to help you get jobs, they might help you, you should give them a call,
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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby Gilmar » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:43 pm

Just do whatever the voices are telling you to do.
They're speaking to you for a reason.

It must suck being a whacked out nutjob with no chance of ever living a normal life.
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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby MacBain » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:09 am

I agree with Judith's answer that you should look for part time work.
You can earn quite a lot of supplemental income with long term part time work, and if you are currently on SSI, you can earn enough work credits to get SSDI eventually. This is an advantage if you later marry or inherit money or something like that - you can keep SSDI benefits, because they are not based on your assets or income.
My ex husband had severe birth defects and did earn enough work credits in this way, and when he inherited from his mother, he could keep medicare and had a fall back income (he was working full time when we divorced, but could get catastrophically sick at anytime, but then the SSDI would start up again).
There used to be a brochure called Working while disabled at the SSA office, and I bet it's on the website.

If you suddenly stop your drugs, you will go into withdrawal and be sicker than you have ever been.
I am doing much better off meds because these so called medications made me stupid and caused all sorts of behavioral problems.
BUT I carefully tapered off them, and it was months before any improvement was seen, and 2 years when my sharp thinking returned.
It's not true that all people with schizophrenia must take meds. In fact, there was an editorial about that just this week in the British Journal of Pyschiatry, but I gave the article to my social worker and therefore can't give you the link.
The article acknowledges that that meds are often worse than the condition. I had such poor results with that stuff, that I don't even call them meds anymore - they are drugs.
So I'm not going to give you the pro drug message.
I still have horrific depression for months a year, but at least I no longer want to claw my face off (literally) and I have my nice personality back again, and I can feel tender love again towards others. Meds cost me a lot, for 15 years. madinamerica.com is a good website, btw, if you are interested in my line of thinking. I give you my personal experience, but there are many people who dropped out of treatment due to experiences like mine, and miraculously improved. BUT YOU CAN"T COLD TURKEY OFF THESE DRUGS.
My diagnosis was bipolar, not schizophrenia, but as I got sicker and sicker, more and more was blamed on me and my condition, when in fact, the meds were doing all of that. The docs said the cognitive problems were caused by bipolar, the horrible behaviors, the agitation and so on. The only part that is my mental illness now, off meds 2 1/2 years? I have pure depression back again, like it used to be, without agitation. Still can't get much done but I suffer less.
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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby Watford » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:35 pm

You can always try. If you can't do it, you can't. It's okay.
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Should I Stay On Disability Or Try To Get A Job?

Postby Jorden » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:52 am

do you have SSD or SSI, if SSD, you can work part time up to 210. a week and not lose anything.
If you are SSI, the rules are different, but I think you can do volunteer work, and see how you function and may lead to a higher paying job
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