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Should I Leave This Relationship?

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Should I Leave This Relationship?

Postby CarIes » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 pm

I have been living with my boyfriend for the last 4 years now and recently strange things have been happening and Im not sure what to do about it...

I pay for most things at home, like the morgage etc, the bills, and a few weeks ago I was short on money and couldnt get my car registered. So I started getting a lift to work with a friend of mine, which was really nice of her. But when I was getting home at night, my partner started having a go at me about leaving the front door open in the morning, which I knew I wasnt. I couldnt work out why he would be telling me off for something I hadnt done! But he swears I was leaving it unlocked.

Anyway, about a week into this arrangement, I had a bit of an emergency at work and had to duck home quickly. So I borrowed my friends car and went home at lunchtime, which I have never done in my life,I am ALWAYS home at 8pm... anyway, I walked in and found the house turned upside down, stuff everywhere, half our stuff missing.

I went to find my partner who was having a drink in the shed and he told me off for leaving the front door open... again...

I suspected at this point that we may not have been robbed, so I called the police and they came obver and fingerprinted etc, and the only fingerprints found on our 50 inch plasma where it had been removed from the wall... were his. the police suspected it was done by him but we couldnt press charges because he lives there.

Anyway a week later, my stuff that got stolen started showing up. and I knew it was mine because it had the same serial numbers but he told me that he went out and bought me new stuff. WTF?!

that week I had to go away to a funeral, and had to stay the night in a hotel away from him for the first time in 4 years. While I was away, my friend rang me and told me that my partner was back on his old dating sites again... I went online and sure enough, he was! He actually stayed online for 3 hours trying to pick someone up!

My one condition when I went away was that his nieces and nephews were not allowed to play with my rabbit if they came over. They are rowdy kids and I dindt want them hurting her (one always kicks my dog and pokes him in the eye so I was worried they would hurt the rabbit)

When I got home from my trip, he told me my rabbit had died of natural causes and he had buried it. he swore black and blue that it just died and the kids didnt touch it. but then his mum told me the next day that he had put it on the lawn and the kids had been chasing it around and it was really scared. Now Im not enturely sure, but once before he had offered to give it to someone if they wanted it, and I was furious at the time and told him that if he gave it away I would leave him, but that person came over while I was away too and now I dont know if its dead or not! he wont tell me where he buried it.

All of these things happened in the space of a week. I eventually lost it, thinking I was being paranoid about the whole thing, I went home crying and confronted him. He admitted to going on the dating site, he said he was bored and wanted to stir people up. He admitted to stealing the playstation etc, but said it was for my own good, because if we had insurance then we would have had 2! I said it was illegal and he nearly got me arrested for it! for wasting police time, but he said I should have listened to him and not called the police. And I yelled at him about the rabbit and he said "its only a rabbit" and got all cross and called me untrusting and said that I was an adopted spoiled little **** and I should grow up and trust him.

So its 2 weeks later now, and every time someone comes over and talks about what happened to the rabbit, he gets a really stunned look and goes all tense. I would dearly love to know what happened to it. I tried talking to his mum and she yelled at me and told me I was an idiot for thinking thesethings about her son. But I had to ask her because she was there the day the rabbit "died"

what do I do?! Im so lost, every time I bring it up with him he gets mad and tells me its all my fault and that none of this would have happened if I had been more trusting. I feel like Im losing it here, like Im being paranoid, its so weird, what do I do?
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