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Secondary Insurance For Father?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Secondary Insurance For Father?

Postby Isenham » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:42 am

My father got hernia surgery done in Oct of 2012 everything went fine until he got released from hospital he was home for a week the he got rushed back to ER because of low B.P to find that the mesh clip from hernia surgery poked a hole in his intestine and his stomach was full of bowel. So now its Feb. 2013 and my dad is still in hospital because they have him on T.P.N and he can't go home.. his medicare days are to the max which they can't start over until he is out of hospital for 60days.. he has been back in fourth to ICU, nursing care, and rehabilitation center.. I filled out Medicaid for him but they said he has a 19k spendown before they will cover anything.. my dad gets 2500 a month with disability, and SS..and the places that hes at wants us to pay $500 a day at the rehab place, $148 a day at nursing care..(my dad is only 60 years old) I ask if they can bill us and they say NO...they want payment up front...we don't have this kind of $ nobody is leading us in the right direction to get help.. if we could we would bring our dad home but we can't my dad has a open wounded that keeps getting infected right now my dad kidneys are failing and Im trying to catch up on all of his medical bills..I don't know what else to do.. I wish my dad didn't have to go through this for something that isn't his fault.. Sorry if this don't make sense im a nerves wreak
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Secondary Insurance For Father?

Postby Smythe » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:54 am

Dad DOES have this kind of money, or assets.
He must OWN something, maybe a house, to have a $19,000 spend down.
That's a HUGE amount of spenddown.

You're not going to be able to buy ANY insurance coverage right now.
It's too damn late.
You have to buy it BEFORE you need it, not afterwards.

"not his fault".
That's right.
Life is not EVER anyone's fault, and neither is aging, and neither is death, most of the time.
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