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I've Ruined My Family's Life , Need Advice.?

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I've Ruined My Family's Life , Need Advice.?

Postby Ervin » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:34 pm

I recently rear ended my brothers car about 2 months because I was texting and driving. Both of ours didn't have insurance so we didn't report it after 2 weeks when we actually got insurance. Now we found out that they're only going to fix my car. Not my bros, I felt really bad and now I have to help him pay for the parts with our own money. I got car back already. Not too few days ago, I was drunk driving and hit and run someone with my bros new car my parents got for him a few weeks ago. Can't really report because it has no insurance. Now it's just sitting in the garage

My parents, esp my mom is really worried because were low on money and just don't know to pay for the damages atm. Theyve told me many times not to drink and drive

othing has happened until now. I feel like ****, let my parents down. Theyre really disappointed and mad at me. I dont know how to make it up to them. Pls help, advices. I'm afraid to even show my face around them now.
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