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Rifle Club Membership In London Etc.?

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Rifle Club Membership In London Etc.?

Postby Wynton » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:03 am

Im looking to get into .22 rifle shooting for fun as I used to do it back home, I have read and done research but one thing I'm not clear about is; Is or will it be Okay for me to travel with my rifle in a rifle bag / case on public transport to and from the shooting club? I know the laws here area bit over-the-top so I'm hoping it will be alright as I cannot afford to buy a car just to have this hobby - the whole kit alone plus all the membership fees are already just above my budget then if you add into that, the transport costs to the club/s (there are none closeby they are all zone 4 or further - I was hoping for a indoor club closeby but amazingly London has none)

another thing is:I read that the club can hold your rifle for you, is this mandatory or is it just an option? is it that if you are in a city you cannot keep it at home and it has to be safe-kept at your club?


PS: if anyone who replies is a .22LR owner can you give me an idea what it cost from rifle purchase to licence, membership fee etc? and do clubs still charge you small fees every time you go besides the annual fee? what are the charges for targets and can you just use your own? I mean, they are just printed paper and I don't see why I should get charged for something I can provide myself

cheers again
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