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Replacing My Electric Scooter

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Replacing My Electric Scooter

Postby Hyman » Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:28 pm

I have been diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome.  I have severe scoliosis, with complications. I have used my ele.scooter for 10 years, and it is worn out.(I cannot use a regular wheelchair) My neurologist has written me a prescription for a scooter.  However, my insurance Co.(Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama) will not cover the scooter.  I am on SS disablity, and have Part A, Medicare.  I have been told they won't pay either.  They may pay for an ele. wheelchair(about double the cost of the scooter). I just want to replace the scooter as I already have a lift in my truck for it.  How should I handle this?
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Replacing My Electric Scooter

Postby Nathaniel » Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:36 am

Hi E.G............

With Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AL, you need to find out if the scooter is an exclusion in your policy.  If it is an exclusion, is it specific to certain illnesses? If it is not a exclusion, find out specifically why they say they will not pay.........then you send an appeal letter in explaining the medical need for the scooter and the savings to them if the pay for this vs the wheelchair.  Call the insurance company and ask where to send an appeal letter.  The trick is to find out specifically why they will not pay and address this.

As far as Medicare, they are very regulated and again if it is an exclusion, then they do not have to pay but you can also appeal with them.

Hope this helps!

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